August 22, 23 & 24, 2020


In 2020, Susan welcomes back to Say Yes Summer Camp, Jessica Patterson and Justine Davenport.

Together the three will present three fun-filled, exciting days of handling challenges that set you up for success in the agility ring! We also have a Skills Day for less seasoned dogs or a 2nd seasoned dog who would benefit from a session of skills updating. It is the day before Summer Camp, to learn more about it  click here.


Camp Format: Camp will be comprised of 3 groups of 12. Six participants will work in the AM morning session, while the other six partners audit the session. The groups will switch working spots for the PM session in the afternoon. 

You will move daily to each of our exceptional instructors. This new formatting allows for concentrated work in small groups with well warmed up dogs and handlers / concentrated training/troubleshooting and a rest period for the dogs each day.

IMPORTANT: Due to the popularity of this camp we will be grouping the participants using a review of H360 training/trialling video.

In the "Video Link" section, please add a Vimeo/YouTube video link to your most recent training/trialling with your dog. The 2-3min video will highlight your current training/trialling skills.

Please also share where you are in your competition phases: Early competition, Advanced/Open or Excellent/Elite. This information will help our team balance all the working participant groups.

Camp Pre-Reqs: All handlers must have worked with Susan Garrett and/or Justine Davenport within the last year or have completed the first 3 levels of Handling360.

Camp Payments: New for 2020 we have a new and more convenient payment process. Full payments are required at the time of accepting your working spot. All pricing includes the HST (tax of 13%). Please also note our cancellation policy has been updated for 2020.

Waitlist: Our camps are very popular. If the camp is full at the time of your visit we strongly encourage you to put yourself on the “waiting list”. You will be notified as working spots become available.

Instructors: Susan Garrett, Jessica Patterson, Justine Davenport

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Is the Opportunity to Audit limited?

When do Skills Day & Summer Camp open for registrations?

Where can my dog and I stay if we are coming to Skills Day or Summer Camp?

What are the pre-reqs for participating in Summer Camp?

Are there any pre-requisites for auditors?

My female dog may be in heat for the dates of the event, what can I do?

My dog has trouble being in a crate, can we still participate?

Curious if You Should Audit? 


Here is what student Carol Brown shared with us:

My first time at camp and I audited. The auditing experience exceeded my expectations! I was able to see all the dogs work and hear all the instructors without having to worry about managing my own dog. It's stress-free. I have a notebook filled with Gems and Drills and ideas that I’ll be working on at home. My top 3 take-aways:
1. GEM. If my dog doesn’t stop at my RZ, but runs by me, why should I expect her to collect and turn tight at an obstacle when I cue. (Ahh Recallers, you are the solution.)
2. Dog Training. I watched an amazing session where Susan transferred the value of food (for an adorable corgi) into agility. While I’ve heard this phrase “transfer of value” many times, I never really got it until now. The light-bulb went off.
3. ACTION. I heard the phrase “Reward Your Dog” from every instructor at camp. It’s so easy to get caught up in running the sequence. Or when I make a mistake to stop (but not reward my dog). Or I want feedback from the instructor immediately. This really hit home for me. My action plan going forward is to make sure I am rewarding my dog and giving her feedback immediately. And when I watch my training video, count how many times I did (or didn’t) reward and record.

Carol Brown 

  • Our Facility
  • Travel
  • Where To Stay
  • What To Bring
  • Cancellations

Below is information on what to bring to ensure you have a pleasant camp experience.

A Crate: Depending on the workshop, a hard-sided crate, as well as a soft-sided crate, could be beneficial (if you have room!). Dogs must be under control and not wandering while instructors are lecturing. Please respect this for your dog’s safety and the safety of others. 

Collar:  Either a flat buckle collar, a martingale type (Premier) or a head halter. Please leave your choke collars, pinch collars or electric collars at home.

Leashes: Just your standard 4-fooT, a 6-foot if you have one.

Toys: Please bring toys appropriate for tugging and those small enough to stay hidden on your body while working.

Our TURF: The desire is to keep our turf pristine for all to enjoy for a LONG time, so we are asking you pack accordingly for the upcoming workshop.

  • Indoor Shoes: Please bring an extra pair of indoor shoes to use exclusively on the turf (you will possibly need boots for outside).
  • Chairs: We request you to bring a chair with front to back tubing style legs. This style of chair disperses weight across the front and back (or two sides) of the chair vs four peg legs that may pierce and damage the turf. 
  • Dog Treats: Only dry, non-crumbly treats will be allowed on the turf area. (Just to be clear: no cheese, sticky or oily crumbly treats will be allowed on the turf.) The best idea is to bring a "doggie trail mix." That means that we suggest that you try to bring a mixture of different treats. Bring a lot!
  • Towel: Please bring a towel to dry your dog’s paws off before running on the turf. It is our experience that it is best to dry your dog’s paws off before working the dogs on the turf if they have been outside. 
  • Tarp: We would appreciate a waterproof mat under your crates when crated on the turf. If previously used on dirt or grass surfaces, please take the time to be sure it is clean before using it on the turf.
  • Human Food and Drink: No food or drinks (other than water) be allowed on the turf. 
  • Accidents: We ask that you be extra diligent about pottying your dogs before working on the turf. Accidents need to be dealt with immediately, so please do not hesitate to share if your dog has had an accident. Mark the spot so we can find it easily. Cleaning up on the turf is extremely time-consuming, and we do not wish to take up training time for “clean up”.

    We appreciate you helping us maintain our beautiful new turf! 

Winter Weather Workshops

In winter, we have a lot of snow on our grounds, so please do not walk anywhere to the right side of the driveway. At any time of year, if you choose to walk your dogs around the property, you’ll likely need boots, as well as a pair of shoes to come into the lecture/school area and a towel for wiping snowy/muddy paws.

Videoing/Voice Recording

You are welcome to videotape your own dog's working sessions. For copyright reasons, we have had to discontinue the practice of allowing taping of the lectures and other dogs.