It does not matter if you have a “workaholic” or “wait and see” type of dog, I’m covering the 5 steps for success and the best path to take for each type in a fun video tutorial for you.

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What Dog Lovers Like You Are Saying About Learning Online With Susan Garrett:


Susan and her team offer dog owners an abundance of knowledge and skill in a warm accepting environment.


Amazing, inspiring, motivating, engaging. Just a few words that describe Susan Garrett. The energy she displays when sharing her training knowledge is infectious. Love Say Yes and I am so grateful to Susan and her team for helping me take my relationship with my dogs to another level.


She is an expert in dog training and has researched and studied world-wide with the best animal behaviorists. Not only does she understand how dogs learn, but she also understands how humans learn and is able to teach her students the "how and why" to her methods so that we gain outstanding results.


Without doubt the most altruistic dog trainer in the world! A gifted teacher of dogs & humans who spends a great deal of her time sharing the knowledge which has made her a hugely successful world & national champion numerous times over, frequently free of charge. Susan makes learning fun & science easily understood. She inspires many to work to become the best they can.


What a fabulous dog trainer and such a generous soul who willingly shares her amazing depth of knowledge and experience with the world through many forums. She is always striving to use the best science-based techniques to help pet dog owners to sporting champions to service dogs. I have a lot to thank Susan for in terms of dog training and so much more. I love all her programs and am proud to call myself an avid follower.


Fantastic teacher for you AND for your Fantastic Dogs. From Working breeds (Rottweilers) to Terriers (Bull Terrier) to Toy breeds (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels), all my dogs and all my people excel with Say Yes training games. When we manipulate the environment for the dog's success there is no need to use surprise, coercion, fear or pain.


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