What Susan Garrett’s Inner Circle is All About

Susan’s vision when she put together her Inner Circle was to provide a home base for like minded dog trainers to grow. We dive deep into the application of science in reinforcement based dog training and are continually learning. 

We welcome IC Peeps members through Recallers and incorporate the core of the program to grow skills and knowledge, digging deep into all elements of dog training and dog ownership. Successful dog training is built layer by layer, and a trusting relationship between the dog and handler is the glue that holds it all together. 

IC Peeps has always had a limited membership to keep the group intimate. This intimacy has led to Susan inviting elite level experts to join us, and to pack in even more into our yearly IC Peeps live event. Members of IC Peeps are introduced to cutting edge research, concepts and innovations in animal training. 

Full of interactive learning, our IC Peeps enjoy monthly live online learning sessions exclusive to our Inner Circle and a community of like minded trainers like no other.

Here’s What You Will Find in the Inner Circle

  • Live Online Coaching Sessions every month that dig deep into the nuances of Susan’s dog training methodology and the science of positive choice based training... and much more.
  • Access to our EXTENSIVE Library. Recordings of coaching calls  since IC Peeps was founded in 2011, including downloads of the audio! Hundreds of hours of dog training greatness to inspire you.
  • VIP access to our LIVE "Inner Circle" event and video archives of previous IC Peeps Live Sessions!
  • Support from a peer group of like minded dog lovers dedicated to their passion for dogs and dog training and continual learning. The uniting factor of our Inner Circle is that each member wants to invest in themselves and their dogs by continuously growing as dog owners and trainers.

Dr. Bob Bailey with Susan at an IC Peeps Live Event

Inner Circle Member Experiences

Our Inner Circle members share their experiences in IC Peeps with you.

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Learning from Cats and Seagulls … Chat with Bob Bailey

Setting Yourself Up For Learning Success

Our Inner Circle is a community of a higher membership of our present Recallers students and we welcome IC Peeps members through our Recallers program. Click this button to learn more about joining Recallers. If you are a current Recallers member and would like to join us  in the Inner Circle, reach out to [email protected] and we will share when we next have places available.