Skills Day: August 20, 2021

Summer Camp: August 21, 22 & 23, 2021

Scheduled Time: 9am - 5pm ET (Toronto Time) with breaks


Over the past two decades, Skills Day / Summer Camp here on-site in Canada has been one of the year's great highlights. What makes it so great is you! Students from all over the world gather here for agility, community, fun, and the love of dogs.

We have been considering the current global situation, international travel restrictions, and our students' safety. To ensure the safety of our students and provide top quality instruction, this year’s camp will be virtual.

That means you can join in via Zoom and audit without leaving home. If you're interested in participating as an auditor for virtual camp sign up on this link.

We are embracing optimism and looking forward to making the 2021 camp THE BEST ONE EVER!

Instructors: Susan Garrett, Jessica Patterson, Justine Davenport, Andrea Guindon

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Is the Opportunity to Audit limited?

When do Skills Day & Summer Camp open for registrations?

Where can my dog and I stay if we are coming to Skills Day or Summer Camp?

What are the pre-reqs for participating in Summer Camp?

Are there any pre-requisites for auditors?

My female dog may be in heat for the dates of the event, what can I do?

My dog has trouble being in a crate, can we still participate?


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Curious if You Should Audit? 


Here is what student Carol Brown shared with us:

My first time at camp and I audited. The auditing experience exceeded my expectations! I was able to see all the dogs work and hear all the instructors without having to worry about managing my own dog. It's stress-free. I have a notebook filled with Gems and Drills and ideas that I’ll be working on at home. My top 3 take-aways:
1. GEM. If my dog doesn’t stop at my RZ, but runs by me, why should I expect her to collect and turn tight at an obstacle when I cue. (Ahh Recallers, you are the solution.)
2. Dog Training. I watched an amazing session where Susan transferred the value of food (for an adorable corgi) into agility. While I’ve heard this phrase “transfer of value” many times, I never really got it until now. The light-bulb went off.
3. ACTION. I heard the phrase “Reward Your Dog” from every instructor at camp. It’s so easy to get caught up in running the sequence. Or when I make a mistake to stop (but not reward my dog). Or I want feedback from the instructor immediately. This really hit home for me. My action plan going forward is to make sure I am rewarding my dog and giving her feedback immediately. And when I watch my training video, count how many times I did (or didn’t) reward and record.

Carol Brown 


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