Performance Mastery for You and Your Dog in Agility Nation

Agility Nation is our unique dog agility training membership site.  Every Monday we bring you something new related to the dog training of agility! 

The two key elements for agility success are handling execution and obstacle performance.  Agility Nation gives you step by step training plans, videos, audios and diagrams to give your dog incredible obstacle performance skills for weaves, tunnels, contacts, jumps, tyre, start lines and more. Susan and her expert guests teach you how to build your dog’s skills and fitness and your own. Every week, we release a new, cutting edge, exciting agility training treasure! 

The resources in Agility Nation allow you to easily tune up or troubleshoot your agility training skills, and give you access to the most recent training innovations.

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In order to help us best serve your needs choose the dog training experience that applies to you:

New to Agility

I’m new to agility, this is all brand new to me.

Experienced, But Not Consistent Success

I have experience competing in agility but never with the consistent success I’d like.

Experienced, Keen to Learn More

I’ve had some success in agility, and although still keen to learn to bring out the best in my dog, I have no aspirations for world teams or national championships.

BIG Goals on Higher Level Agility

I have big goals, I want to be the best my dog and I are capable of being with a focus towards national championships and/or world team competitions.

Agility Nation taught me to LOVE Mondays!

Agility Nation taught me to LOVE Mondays! Each week, I anxiously await the arrival of one new topic to expand my skill set or increase understanding and deepen my relationship with my dogs. LOVE AN


USA, member

"Agility Nation is giving me understanding and skills."

The detailed step-by-step instruction in Agility Nation is giving me understanding and skills. I've also learned laugh first, then assess, and move forward


USA, member

“Such a great blend of course analysis, body awareness and workshops.”

Agility Nation has been a source of inspiration for me for all my dogs at all stages of their agility training. Such a great blend of course analysis, body awareness and workshops. Then there are the bonus workshops such as livestream video from Susan's camps and workshops at Say Yes.


NZ, member

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