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We're in Canada! All our education is all online so we may bring the training to anywhere in the world. Susan pioneered online dog training more than a decade ago, with the introduction of her wildly popular and much-loved foundation dog training program, Recallers. Since then Susan has developed further online classrooms and programs to help dog lovers and dog sports enthusiasts the world over. You can learn more about our programs by visiting "Online Training" in the menu.

Say Yes Dog Training Inc.
2780 Dunmark Road
Alberton, Ontario Canada L0R 1A0

(647) 931-8608

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You can search for answers to your question in our Customer Happiness help portal, or email our Customer Happiness team.  Our business hours are 9 am - 5 pm ET Monday through Friday. For requests submitted outside of business hours, please allow 24-48 hours for a response. When you email us, you'll receive an automatic reply so you know we have your email safe and sound, and that one of our amazing human team members will help you.

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As leading online educators in dog training and dog sports coaching, we're active on social media and would love to meet you and your dog virtually!

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"Our dogs always do the BEST they can with the EDUCATION we've given them in the ENVIRONMENT we are expecting them to perform."  Susan Garrett