Confidence and Teamwork Success in Handling360

The most important asset you can bring to your agility handling for the success of you and your dog as a team is CONFIDENCE. Handling360’s unique accelerated program of learning protects your confidence every step of the way. What does confidence look like? You and your canine partner stepping up to the start line, ready to face any challenge with joy and optimism.

Our students range from teenagers to grandparents, from the athletically gifted to the physically challenged, and from the never- trained-an-agility-dog-before to the national and world champion. Every level of agility enthusiast can enjoy the same transformational experience of teamwork, connection and trust on the agility course. 

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In order to best serve you, choose your agility training experience below.

New to Agility

I’m new to agility, this is all brand new to me.

Experienced, But Not Consistent Success

I have experience competing in agility but never with the consistent success I’d like.

Experienced, Keen to Learn More

I’ve had some success in agility, and although still keen to learn to bring out the best in my dog, I have no aspirations for world teams or national championships.

BIG Goals on Higher Level Agility

I have big goals, I want to be the best my dog and I are capable of being with a focus towards national championships and/or world team competitions.

Success Stories

Handling360 has transformed the agility experience for dogs and their people all over the world.  Our members range from those who are just starting out in agility to world class agility competitors, young and old.  No matter where you’re starting from, Handling 360 gives you the skills and understanding  to make you and your dog the agility team of your dreams.

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