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Recallers saves lives and has turned around even the worst case dogs into well behaved family pets. We look forward to joining you on your dog ownership journey!

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How Recallers Transforms the Lives of Dogs

Recallers has changed the lives of dogs and people the world over. It is a proven road map to success! Spend your valuable training time learning methods that are aligned with the dog you want to see … and the trainer you want to be. 

Recallers features strategically layered fun games that build an incredible relationship with your dog. You’ll learn how to create understanding for your dog in a way that protects confidence for you and your dog. Our Recallers program will create a dog who is a pleasure to be around, and give you positive training methods that evolve and grow with you as you gain more and more skills and knowledge.

Recallers has always enjoyed a wonderful community of like-minded dog owners. You can always recognize a Recallers Dog by the games they play and the joy they express.

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In order to help us best serve your needs choose the dog training experience that applies to you:

I am a total beginner, 

this is all new to me!

My past dogs have turned out great, but my current one is seriously challenging me.

I do use some physical punishment where I feel appropriate.

I'm successfully training in a reinforcement based system and I'm committed to growing my knowledge base.

I’m a pro! I’m actually a full time dog trainer teaching others how to train their dogs.

Changing Lives for Dogs and People

Our Recallers are from all over the world and at all different levels of dog training experience, from first time puppy or rescue dog owners to leading professionals in their field. They have many different lifestyles. Some live in a big city, others are in small towns or rural areas, and others are miles from nowhere. All share the common bond of wanting to “DO” better, to seek solutions, and to make the changes they want for the dogs in their life. 

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