Home School The Dog

As dog owners in the midst of a global health crisis we are in a very unique place. Priority one is to the health of both ourselves and our loved ones. But a very close second priority is our four-legged loved ones. Here is what we know for sure:

  • Local dog training schools are closed.
  • Local dog parks are being closed.
  • Social distancing has become a buzz word in our society.

These events have the potential to have a crippling effect on pet dogs all over the world. We have dog owners who need help, but no obvious place to turn too. We could be facing a crisis for:

  • Those who just got their new puppy.
  • Those who recently adopted a rescue dog.
  • Dog owners struggling with a behaviour challenge.
  • Dog owners who just want to continue to grow their knowledge.

And the really unfortunate timing is that right now, many of us have EXTRA time on our hands as we are “socially isolating” AT HOME.

Dogs need training.

People have more time they can be training.

All that is needed is a solid PLAN to effectively get those dogs and puppies trained…

This is what led my team and I to put together this online classroom at this time… and make it available to you for absolutely no charge.

Home School the Dog is a project of learning, laughter and love.

Our intention is to show the world kindness at a time when it is needed the most.

Create Your Membership to Start Homeschooling

Our online dog training program is open, and you can join for free using your promo code. Start the daily game playing that turns your dog into an amazing family pet. You will have 8 weeks to work through each of our games (medical personal or any front line people can apply for longer time as needed).

Home School the Dog and CELEBRATE

You’ve graduated!

Your puppy/dog will now:

  • Focus on you, even when a guest shows up at your door.
  • Bring you the dirty sock he has stole rather than running off with it.
  • CHOOSE to stay out of the garbage and off the counter.
  • Be mentally exhausted, so more content to “settle” around the house.
  • Have a great foundation for walking on a loose leash.
  • Listen to you EVEN if you are not bribing him with FOOD.

And YOU will have:

  • An amazing new insight into the world of science based, reinforcement based training.
  • TEN new games to develop your relationship with your dog.
  • Learned how improving YOUR mechanics WILL improve your dog’s BEHAVIOUR!

We are giving you a PROMO CODE so this won’t cost any one any money.

We are in this together, so use the PROMO CODE: TOGETHER to get the entire program for free.

And if you are wondering, is it possible to training a dog “online” in a classroom like this one. The answer is YES!


Since launching our first classroom in 2009 we have taught hundreds of thousands of dog lovers from all over the globe. 

Without doubt the most altruistic dog trainer in the world!
A gifted teacher of dogs & humans who spends a great deal of her time sharing the knowledge which has made her a hugely successful world & national champion numerous times over, frequently free of charge.
Susan makes learning fun & science easily understood.
She inspires many to work to become the best they can.

Hrabina H. - UK

Susan Garrett's on line courses have changed my approach to dog training, forging a better life for me and my dogs. Not to mention introducing me to like minded people around the world. Making friends and sharing our dog training journeys is one of the by products of membership in any of Susan's programs. It doesn't matter if you own a Border Collie, Beagle or Yokie Pom...if its your first dog or your 50th dog, the support received from Susan and her staff is priceless.

Naomi L. - USA

Fantastic teacher for you AND for your Fantastic Dogs. From Working breeds (Rottweilers) toTerriers (Bull Terrier) to Toy breeds (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels), all my dogs and all my people excel with Say Yes training games. When we manipulate the environment for the dog's success there is no need to use surprise, coercion, fear or pain.

Alex D. - USA