Crate Games Online

"Crate Games" is the cornerstone of Susan Garrett’s unbelievably successful dog training program, and is extensively used and recommended by dog trainers and professional dog care providers around the globe. Crate Games is now online so you can have immediate access to the step-by-step training that is as easy as it is effective.

Here's What Your Going To Learn In Susan Garrett's Crate Games ONLINE: 

  • How to build confidence in your dog to reduce fear and anxiety.
  • How to gain a more motivated and focused dog that makes working with you so much easier!
  • A systematic way to teach your dog to relax, so time away from you is less stressful.
  • A choice based game to develop your dog’s self control so your dog understands when you want him to stay put!
  • At the same time grow a dynamite relationship with your dog because Crate Games teaches your dog how to want what you want because training is not only “F-U-N” for him but “F-U-N” for YOU.
  • For me, GAMES have been the answer when training my dogs and how I developed one of the most widely used foundational dog training games shared by dog trainers and Veterinarians world wide. Choice based, game based dog training has always been a win-win for both the dog and me. I would love it to be this way for everyone because, my ultimate goal is to help dogs worldwide be better understood by their owners.

    Susan Garrett

    ONLINE Access to Crate Games

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