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Prep: Your Training Den

Prep: Your Video Review

Game 01: Treat Diving

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Home School The Dog is an amazing, transformational dog training program that changes lives. In April 2020 we early released our new program to help dog owners in the midst of a global health crisis. If you would like to join us in future leave us your details below.

When we open the classroom again, you will have the opportunity to learn how to create an enriching environment that exercises your dog’s mind and body, gain insight into training a great family pet AND grow your dog training skills in a game based positive reinforcement environment.

Who should join our waitlist?

  • Those who just got their new puppy.
  • Those who recently adopted a rescue dog.
  • Dog owners struggling with a behaviour challenge.
  • Dog owners who just want to continue to grow their knowledge.

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Home School the Dog is a project of learning, laughter and love.

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Home School the Dog and CELEBRATE

When you graduate, your puppy/dog will now:

  • Focus on you, even when a guest shows up at your door.
  • Bring you the dirty sock he has stole rather than running off with it.
  • CHOOSE to stay out of the garbage and off the counter.
  • Be mentally exhausted, so more content to “settle” around the house.
  • Have a great foundation for walking on a loose leash.
  • Listen to you EVEN if you are not bribing him with FOOD.

And YOU will have:

  • An amazing new insight into the world of science based, reinforcement based training.
  • TEN new games to develop your relationship with your dog.
  • Learned how improving YOUR mechanics WILL improve your dog’s BEHAVIOUR!

What Our Homeschoolers Are Saying

Since launching our first online classroom in 2009 we have taught hundreds of thousands of dog lovers from all over the globe. 

Homeschool the dog has been amazing! We have a new puppy and training is going really well thanks to Susan's great tips. Thanks so much.

Michelle Lynne T. - Canada

Her training is science-based which gives her a huge understanding of how dogs learn. Susan has taken dog training out if the middle ages and made it a positive and fun experience for both dog and handler thus building a special relationship with our dogs. She is living testimony of what one can achieve using her methodology with all her achievements over many years.

Veronica W. - USA

Great training videos. Easy to follow and learn from plus they work. I can see the wheels turning and clicking in place for my puppy.

Joye B. - USA