Crate Games DVD & Ruff Love Book

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Crate Games DVD

Crate Games for Motivation and Control (DVD)

Step-by-step training that is as easy as it is effective. Crate Games features not only mature dogs but also puppies as young as 9 weeks old learning how to have focus and motivation for work, how to relax in a crate even while another dog is working, how to have self control rather than imposed control for a phenomenal sit stay, a speedy and dependable recall, distance skills for obedience or agility, how to develop an amazing working relationship, confidence while being proofed during any tough distraction, how to offer responses keenly when being shaped, and much more.

See why "Crate Games" is the cornerstone of Susan Garrett’s unbelievably successful dog training program and why it is now being implemented in dog training schools all over the world!

You can also find it in a streamable format online with Crate Games Online.

Ruff Love

Do you need Ruff Love?

Is it difficult to motivate your dog to do what you want him to do, when you want him to do it?
Is your dog “too energetic” or “too distracted” to give you his best work?
Is your dog happy to run after squirrels in the back yard, but not willing to run on the agility course?
Is your dog’s recall effective only if there isn’t something more interesting nearby?
Is your dog willing to work only if he sees the bait bag or his favorite toy?
Is your dog “into” toys, but won’t play tug with you?
Is your dog prone to the “zoomies” during an agility run?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, your relationship needs strengthening. The Ruff Love program will help you to achieve just that.

NOTE: At this time, Books and Success with One Jump DVD are shipped from Canada and all other DVD's are shipped from the USA. If you order a book and a Crate Game DVD or 2x2 Weave Poles DVD, they will arrive separately.

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