• Agility Nation is our unique dog agility membership site. Every Monday we bring you something new related to the DOG TRAINING of agility! This is a monthly membership subscription to a “dog agility training library” and supportive community of like-minded dog lovers. You select whatever YOU want to learn! Classroom Access: Monthly Subscription The resources in Agility Nation allow you to easily tune up or troubleshoot your agility training skills, and give you access to the most recent training innovations. Click on “Join Agility Nation” to learn more!
  • Join us for 12 foundational dog training games that are fast and fun, create strong foundations no matter what you do with your dog, and are suitable for small spaces! Home School the Dog is designed to build a strong relationship of trust and connection between you and your dog. Whether you’ve just got a new puppy, a rescue or you’ve had your dog for years, we’ve designed a layered dog training program that’s going to exercise your dog’s mind and body all while both of you are learning and enjoying time together. Classroom Access: 4 Months Click on ”Join Home School The Dog” to learn more and see our added BONUSES to support your learning and training.
  • Do you have a dog who loves to run off with things, plays "catch me if you can" with stolen treasures, or just won’t bring things back? The Bring Me! mini-course will help you transform your dog from a dog who plays keep-away , to a dog who will “fetch!” anything, anywhere, anytime. Imagine the possibilities! The Bring Me! Retrieve Program is COMING SOON as a stand alone mini-course so that you can easily train your dog to retrieve to hand. Bring Me! is currently not open to the world, however we are seeing thousands of our students achieve great success with fetch from playing through the mini-course. Early in 2021 we aim to share this training resource for everyone who would like their dog to fetch: dog trainers, pet dog trainers, families, and everyone who love to learn all things Susan Garrett!
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