• Gift the membership of the most comprehensive agility handling program available worldwide! Handling360 is a 12 month coaching program with multi-time world agility champion, Susan Garrett, and membership includes six classrooms that build teamwork, confidence and connection from the ground up. Further amazing bonuses including a full library of coaching videos, evaluators and eBooks. Handling360 also brings your gift recipient a community of like-minded agility enthusiasts who will lift them up and support them. Give the gift of learning from one of the world's most successful dog trainers and agility competitors and her outstanding team of experts. Classroom Access: 1 Year Click on ”Gift Handling360” to learn more and support someone special in your life in their learning and training.
  • Gift the membership of the most comprehensive dog training information available worldwide to someone you care about! Recallers includes 40 strategic, effective and fun games plus amazing bonuses and coaching support that will give your gift recipient the dog training skills and knowledge to tackle any dog training challenge. Recallers has changed the lives of dogs and people the world over. It is a proven road map to success! Our Recallers program will create a dog who is a pleasure to be around, and give your gift recipient positive training methods that evolve and grow as they gain more and more skills and knowledge. Classroom Access: 1 Year Click on ”Gift Recallers” to learn more and support someone special in your life in their learning and training.
  • Gift 4 full months of Home School the Dog. You will have the option to include a message with your gift on the next page as soon as you complete the form, and be able to select the date you would like your gift to arrive. Give the gift of 12 foundational dog training games, coaching support, and special bonuses that are fun, and create strong foundations no matter what your gift recipient wants to do with their dog. Every game is  suitable for small spaces! Home School the Dog is designed to build a strong relationship of trust and connection. Whether your recipient has just got a new puppy, a rescue or has had their dog for years, we’ve designed a layered dog training program that’s going to exercise their dog’s mind and body while both of them are learning and enjoying time together. Classroom Access: 4 Months Click on ”Gift Home School The Dog” to learn more and support someone special in your life in their learning and training.
  • Gift membership to Agility Nation for 2 full months. Agility Nation is our unique dog agility membership site. Every Monday we bring something new related to the DOG TRAINING of agility! This is a gift of a 2 month membership subscription to an extensive library of training innovations, supporting skills, and a like-minded community of dog lovers. Your gift recipient selects whatever THEY want to learn! Classroom Access: 2 Month Subscription The resources in Agility Nation allow your recipient to easily tune up or troubleshoot their agility training skills, and gives them access to the most recent training innovations with Susan Garrett and world leading experts. Click on “Gift Agility Nation” to learn more!
  • Gift membership to Crate Games Online for a full year. Crate Games is the cornerstone of Susan Garrett’s unbelievably successful dog training program, and is extensively used and recommended by dog trainers and professional dog care providers around the globe. Classroom Access: 1 Year Subscription Crate Games is now online so you can immediately gift to someone special 1 year access to the step-by-step training that is as easy as it is effective. Click on “Gift Crate Games” to learn more!
  • Gift a membership of Your Dog’s Pedicure Please Program. Your Dog’s Pedicure Please Program will create a positive emotional response for your gift recipient's dog to grooming in general and nail trimming in particular. Rather than focus on “nail cutting”, your gift recipient will focus on their dog’s acceptance/love of husbandry. Your Dog's Pedicure Please Program will build confidence in your gift recipient's dog so they never feel anxious or fearful. Program Access: 1 Year Click on ”Gift Your Dog's Pedicure Please” and create a love of nail trimming for both your loved one and their dog!


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