Kindness Code

Welcome to our DogsThat online resources. The focus of our social media platforms is to discuss current training videos and methodology posted by Susan Garrett and the DogsThat Team.

DogsThat focuses on the dog training methodology developed by Susan Garrett, and we share all things about training and living with dogs that Susan has designed and taught worldwide for over 30 years.  This includes games that dog owners and their dogs love to play! Games that trainers the world over love to share.

Kindness Code

Our communications on social media are designed to help people further their experience by supporting each other in a community that is based on positive reinforcement.

Our Kindness Code is simple:

  1. Compose your posts and questions in a positive way and ask for clarification where you need it in relation to your learning .

  2. Please be inclusive in your posts. We welcome your dog training knowledge, ideas and suggestions, and we want everyone to benefit from them. Contacting members through private messaging is discouraged. Privacy is paramount for us, and private messages offering unsolicited dog training advice is not part of our program. In the spirit of our programs, we encourage open questions and answers to be shared so all may benefit.

  3. We want to focus discussions on positive change for trainers and dogs. We want people to spend time training and surrounding themselves with positive reinforcement, so discussions on the use of punishment in any form, verbal or physical will be reviewed. Threads that venture into these discussions may be deleted as our mission is to help as many owners and dogs around the world learn a different and proven way to grow a new understanding through kind, thoughtful discussions of choice-based dog training.

  4. Kindness is our guiding light when our administrators/moderators review posts. From this perspective, each of us will know that we have support, community and a safe place to visit.

Our focus is on reinforcement and game-based learning. This is scientific dog training that is proven to give you exactly what you need to help grow the confidence of your dog to become the dog of your dreams.

We believe dog training that is congruent with the way you want to live your life is dog training that will be consistent day in and day out for your dog. Our DogsThat team believes in reflecting these training values in the way we interact with people as well as dogs.

We really are looking forward to helping each and every one of you. What our social media platforms are “not” are places to post; “Help, how do I get my dog to X or stop doing Y”.

Think of dog training like erecting a building. Let’s hope architects don't solicit ideas as they progress along with that building of that high rise... but rather work from a proven set of well thought out plans that will give them a solid foundation and a final structure that will last a lifetime. The same is true with good dog training… we start with the foundational layers first and grow from there.

We want to build your confidence and your dog’s confidence in all you endeavour to do together. What you will find from Susan and her fabulous DogsThat team is information on these foundational layers of learning for both you and your dog.

This Kindness Code makes our online resources a safe place to visit to help you get to where you want to be in your dog training and live with your dog. However, we ask that you reflect these core values back to us.

We believe that dog training can be different and help us become who we want to be. If you are new to our community and are curious on this way of thinking, visit our podcast video "Adding Mindset To Your Dog Training Tools: Who Do You Become?" to discover more.

- Susan and the DogsThat Team

Please Note: The use of punishment in any form, verbal or physical is not within the DogsThat online resources and programs. Our administrators will delete threads that venture into these discussions as our mission is to help as many owners and their special companions around the world learn a different and proven way to grow their understanding of positive dog training. We appreciate you respecting this request.

DogsThat Impact & Equity

Here at Say Yes/DogsThat we recognize and celebrate the diverse backgrounds of any identity or life experience of our team, our students and our worldly community. 

As an online team we strive in our actions and behaviours together to be congruent and in alignment with our personal and professional values as we pursue the mission and vision. 

We acknowledge the growing potential of each of us in developing an environment of learning, collaboration, caring and trust for each other be it within our team or serving our community. 

We are guided by our cultural values as we move toward inclusion and equity which are personal growth, pride for our work, personal integrity and practicing kindness toward each other.