One of my most favorite things to talk about is mindset because, to me, it’s everything in life. Mindset is nothing to do with dog training, yet it has everything to do with how successful you will be. Dog training is an unregulated industry, and people can say or do whatever they want. There are many ways to train dogs, and dogs will learn despite what’s being done. Each method of training a dog will impact us personally, so we need to consider who we will become.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • That we all have goals and choices in reaching those goals.
  • How a dog learning will reinforce our training choices.
  • Why to consider what you trade off in dog training, your time or relationship.
  • That you need to give yourself grace when learning.
  • How our dog training choices carry over into other areas of our life.
  • What we get when you achieve a goal is not nearly as important as who we become.
  • That our relationship with our dogs is defined when we are frustrated.
  • How ethical training can be effective, but that it’s you who defines what is ethical.
  • About my history in dog training and how I’ve changed.
  • Why dog sports should be a team experience with our dog.
  • That dog training can be different and help us become who we want to be.