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Episode 115: Understanding Your Dog’s Language

How clear communication with your dog creates a conversation to set you up for training success.

Episode 114: Dog Agility Training: 3 Big Mistakes All Dog Owners Should Avoid

Create dog agility success by avoiding common mistakes and understanding your dog’s communication.

Episode 113: Your Dog’s Verbal Cues And Hand Signals: How To Effectively Train Both

How and when to teach dogs physical cues and verbal cues, and the types of hand signals to use.

Episode 112: Stressed Dog? How Trigger Stacking Might Be Putting Your Dog Over Threshold

Reducing stress keeps dogs under threshold to prevent trigger stacking and sudden behavior change.

Episode 111: How An Anchor Dog Can Help Overcome Your Dog’s Anxiety Or Reactivity

How an anchor dog provides safety and calm for a nervous dog to reduce anxiety and help reactivity.

Episode 110: Is Your Over-Aroused Dog Just Over-Faced In Training?

High drive dogs can be misunderstood; good training removes anxiety and frustration and creates joy.

Episode 109: Project Calm Dog: Prevent Over Enthusiastic Greetings

How to help your dog with appropriate greetings so there is calm and not chaos when visitors arrive.

Episode 108: Dog Training: When Work Is Play And Play Is Work

Reduce the time you spend dog training by using what your dog values, having fun and playing games.

Episode 107: Pedicure Please: 3 Steps To Dog Nail Trimming Or Grooming Success At Home!

How to clip or Dremel your dog’s nails, so your dog enjoys a nail trim, and you enjoy cutting nails.

Episode 106: Consent In Dog Training: The Misuse, Misunderstanding And Misapplication

Is your dog a willing participant in all that you do together? Grow your dog’s comfort with consent.

Episode 105: Your Dog Agility And Dog Sports Questions Covered

Your dog sports questions! Agility, motivation, start line, connection, puppies, fitness, and more.

Episode 104: Naughty Dog Behaviors And How To Deal With Them

How to be a reinforcement based dog trainer even when you want to stop your dog's naughty behavior.

Episode 103: Excited Or Suspicious Dog? Dealing With Your Dog’s Emotions

Why our dog’s emotions, from fear to overexcitement, impact their decisions and how we can help.

Episode 102: Transitioning Your Dog Training: From All That Is Wrong To That Which Is Right

The why of moving from punishment or balanced dog training to choice based positive reinforcement.

Episode 101: Puppy Questions: Spay or Neuter? Humping? Puppy Blues? and Much More

Your puppy questions! Spay or neuter, humping, growling, exercise, crates, blues and weave pole age.

Episode 100: Dog Training: The Most Important Lesson I Can Share

As a professional dog trainer for 30 years, the biggest lesson for me applies to all areas of life.

Episode 99: When Reinforcement Based Dog Training Doesn’t Work

The reason positive is not permissive and how to use a pause to help get naughty dogs under control.

Episode 98: Puppy Home Alone: Are You Creating Chaos or Calm?

Separation anxiety prevention for puppies and how to help dogs feel comfortable and relaxed alone.

Episode 97: Overwhelm in Dog Training: How to Take Action on Challenges

What cycling and dog training have in common, and how to get on the fast path to overcome barriers

Episode 96: Why I Don’t Teach “Watch Me”, How to Use a Dog Treat Pouch, and More Questions Answered

Popular dog training questions answered: Watch Me, Treat Bags, Chewing Bed, Rewards, Ending Games

Episode 95: How Playing with Your Dog Like a Puppy Can Reduce Fear

Why the way you play with your dog can help reduce fear, create confidence, and grow love of touch.

Episode 94: How the Best Professional Dog Trainers Use Reinforcement

How elite trainers use rewards beyond food and toys to create a working partnership with their dog.

Episode 93: Fix Dog Training and Behavior Problems Before They Happen

How to categorize your dog’s behavior or training challenges and the systematic approach to help.

Episode 92: Avoid This Big Mistake When Feeding Your Dog

The way you feed your dog can create dog training success, health benefits and reduce picky eating.

Episode 91: Why Judgement Does Not Help People Or Dogs: ItsYerChoice LWT

How judgement impacts us, others and our dogs, and why to ask critical questions about dog training.

Episode 90: Premack, Dog Training and Transfer of Value

How Premack’s Principle helps your dog behave around the things he loves and transfers value to you.

Episode 89: Why Dogs Should Not Tug: The Truth Revealed

Reasons why dogs should not play with tug toys, plus how to enjoy tugging safely and the benefits.

Episode 88: Barrier Frustration: Help for Fence Fighting, Leash Reactivity and Window Guarding

How to stop dogs fence fighting and avoid barrier frustration by creating a new emotional response.

Episode 87: Canine Fitness: Why ALL Dogs Need It And 3 Easy Exercises To Start

Why all dogs need a fitness program for their health and injury prevention and how to easily start.

Episode 86: How to Train Unmotivated or Overexcited Dogs

How to change arousal states and calm down an overexcited dog or get an unmotivated dog interested.

Episode 85: Understanding Your Dog’s Sit: LWT

Learn, walk and train your dog’s sit with me as we cover the top 12 fundamental skills for all dogs.

Episode 84: Disappointment in Dog Sports: Mindset With Olympian Greg Louganis

Insights with Greg Lougains on overcoming disappointment in dog training, sport, or life in general.

Episode 83: The Dog Training You Do When You’re Not Dog Training

Why you don’t need to spend hours to train a well-behaved dog, and hacks for everyday life training.

Episode 82: Aggressive Puppy Biting Solved

Fixing aggression in puppies and what to do to help dogs who are resource guarding against people.

Episode 81: Sudden Aggression and Your Dog’s Thyroid

Why sudden onset aggression, fear or behavior change in dogs could be linked to thyroid malfunction.

Episode 80: Does Your Dog Love You? Let’s Talk Relationships

How relationship styles impact dog training choices and how to build trust with the dog you love.

Episode 79: Reduce Anxiety and Grow Your Dog’s Confidence with These Pro Dog Training Tips

How dogs communicate confidence, what fear, growling and aggression mean, and the ways you can help.

Episode 78: How to Train a Rescue Dog with Behavior Problems

All about bringing a rescue dog home, what you need, what to do, what to avoid in the first weeks.

Episode 77: Conversations with Uncontrollable and Untrainable Dogs

How to talk to out of control or untrainable dogs with four questions for dog training success.

Episode 76: Leash Walking: Distracted, or Reactive Dog? These Games Will Help!

Games to improve your dog’s loose leash walking and focus, and how to avoid distractions on walks.

Episode 75: Stop Motion Sickness: Helping Your Puppy or Dog Love the Car

How to help your puppy or dog with car or motion sickness and what to do if your dog hates the car.

Episode 74: Yes, Susan Garrett’s Dogs Sniff On Walks

Why I let my dogs sniff on walks, the top reasons for walking dogs, and how to walk safely anywhere.

Episode 73: Why Your Dog Is Still Pulling on Leash And How To Fix It

How to easily train your dog to walk on a loose leash and the quick way to stop pulling on lead.

Episode 72: Preventing Dog Aggression: Introducing Dogs or Puppies with Project Togetherness

How to introduce a rescue dog or puppy into your pack safely to ensure multi-dog household harmony.

Episode 71: Pro Dog Trainer’s Secret to Help Your Naughty Dog

Professional training tips to start fixing your dog’s naughty behavior and overcome challenges fast.

Episode 70: Critical Info for Your Puppy’s First Day and Night at Home

Your guide to the first 24 hours with a new puppy, what you need, and what to do and what to avoid.

Episode 69: Clicker Training: Will It Work For Every Dog?

Everything you need to know about using a clicker for your dog training and when not to click.

Episode 68: 3 Easy Tricks Every Dog Should Know

Trick training for dogs is fun and easy; learn how to teach hand targets, perch pivots and a wave.

Episode 67: Are You Stressing About Your Dog’s Stress?

Tips to help with anxiety about your dog training challenges and the feelings you have for your dog.

Episode 66: Resource Guarding: Dog vs Dog Aggression

Help for the dog who guards resources by attacking other dogs and being aggressive over possessions.

Episode 65: The Secrets of What Your Dog Really Knows

When your dog ignores you or is disobedient, do you think “but he knows it!” and wonder why?

Episode 64: Help! How Can I Tell My Dog He’s Wrong?

Where a Non Reward Marker (NRM) fits into dog training and how to set your dog up for success.

Episode 63: Why Some Dogs Just Don’t Get It

How a safe, educational dog training program creates success and reduces dogs noticing distractions.

Episode 62: 12 Keys to Helping My Dogs Live a Long and Happy Life

What we can contribute to our dogs longevity and happiness and what could impact on life expectancy.

Episode 61: Lessons of Recovery: The Night My Dog Almost Died

My dog Encore suffered a traumatic brain injury, and her recovery and rehab taught lessons for life.

Episode 60: When You Don’t Feel Like Training Your Dog

How to find the motivation to focus on training your dog, have fun and achieve everything you want.

Episode 59: Why Your Treats Aren’t Working for Your Dog

How to successfully train dogs with reinforcement by understanding and using the value of rewards.

Episode 58: How to Create Kid Friendly Dogs and Dog Friendly Kids

What expectations help children and dogs and how setting up success teachescritical life lessons.

Episode 57: Why Balance Breaks Fast Track Your Dog Training

How Balance Breaks create joy for you and your dog and exponentially increase dog training success.

Episode 56: 5 Simple Questions to Guide Your Dog Training

Easy pro trainer guide to fix dog training challenges, give your dog focus and plan for success.

Episode 55: Pro Dog Trainer’s Guide to Toy Selection

How professional dog trainers choose toys for any activity and tips for easy homemade toys for dogs.

Episode 54: Dog Toy Checklist: What’s Good and What to Avoid

How to pick the best toy for your puppy or dog, and what types of toys are safe or unsafe for pets.

Episode 53: Stop Your Dog Pulling on Leash and Start Walking Together

How to train your dog to stop pulling on leash, so you can walk nicely together with a loose lead.

Episode 52: The Five Most Common Words in Dog Training and Which Ones I Never Use

How many words can dogs understand, the commands dogs ignore, and how cue tone helps a dog respond.

Episode 51: Is Your Stubborn Dog Frustrating You?

How to overcome frustration in dog training with 5 steps so you can train the dog in front of you.

Episode 50: Can Your Worst Challenge Make You a Better Dog Trainer?

How our challenges shape who we are, how we learn, and why that can be a blessing for us and dogs.

Episode 49: How Your Questions Instantly Improve or Sabotage Your Dog Training

How to rehearse dog training success with empowering questions so you can be a resourceful trainer.

Episode 48: Potty Train Your Puppy in a Week (Easy 3 Step Process)

The fast and easy way to potty train your puppy or adult dog to get housetraining success in a week.

Episode 47: Don’t Wanna, Don’t Hafta: What To Do When Your Dog Refuses To Obey

What you can do when your dog is ignoring you and saying “no” and how to train dogs to say “yes”.

Episode 46: Is Your Dog Trying to Dominate You and What You Can Do About It

Can dogs be alpha or beta, and is a dog who appears to be dominant really telling us something else?

Episode 45: My Dog Just Got Jumped, Now What?

What to do immediately after an incident between dogs to help your dog with emotional recovery.

Episode 44: Using Coincidences and Positive Associations in Dog Training

Dog training progressions and how to arrange coincidences to create positive associations with you.

Episode 43: Can a Dog be Happy and Well Trained?

How our dogs can be both happy and trained to be well behaved, and why our dog’s trust is important.

Episode 42: Behavior Chains: Are You Teaching Your Dog to be Bad to be Good?

Pro training tips on why the naughty behavior of dogs persist due to unintentional reinforcement.

Episode 41: Get a Behaved Dog by Celebrating Milestones!

Deepen the bond with your dog with clear expectations and knowing your basics, manners and extras.

Episode 40: Using A Head Halter On A Dog, Why My Approach Is So Different

Pro dog training tips on how to use a head halter effectively for loose leash walking success.

Episode 39: Is a Resistant Dog a Stubborn Dog?

The signs your dog is resisting, what that tells you, and how conditioning and training helps dogs.

Episode 38: 3 Keys to a Confident Dog

Why your dog’s confidence matters and how belief, strategy and language bring out the best in dogs.

Episode 37: Dog Training as a Career

Tips on becoming a professional dog trainer, what it involves, and why the love of dogs is vital.

Episode 36: Puppy Selection: How I Do It and Why I Didn’t This! Time

Tips on picking pick your next puppy, including structure, temperament and what your heart says.

Episode 35: Pro Dog Training Tip To Improve Your Dog’s Focus

How to easily prevent disconnect and get your dog’s focus and attention every time you train.

Episode 34: Time Outs for Dogs: Does Your Dog Need One?

Pro dog trainer tips on what you need to know about using a time out when you are training your dog.

Episode 33: How Do I Stop My Dog Counter Surfing?!

Easy steps to end the frustration of dogs stealing from the counter or table and prevent food theft.

Episode 32: 20 Easy Ways to Exercise Your Dog at Home

How exercising your dog’s brain and body at home can be easy and will keep your dog out of trouble.

Episode 31: 5 Simple Hacks to Help Your Dog Learn Faster

Professional dog training tips on using rewards and placement of reinforcement to train dogs faster.

Episode 30: Why Dog Crates Are Not Dog Cages

Everything you need to know about dog crates and using a crate for your dog’s comfort and safety.

Episode 29: Understanding and Preventing Reactivity and Aggression in Your Dog

Insights into why dogs react and display aggressive behavior, and strategies for prevention.

Episode 28: Why It Hurts Me When I Say “Dog Training”

Why do we own dogs? My thoughts on what good relationships have in common, including with our dog.

Episode 27: Do Dogs Need Rules?

How and why setting criteria for your dog training creates joy and can give dogs an amazing life.

Episode 26: Pro Dog Training Tips to Get Your Puppy to Sleep All Night

How to get your puppy to stop waking you up at night or your dog getting you up earlier and earlier.

Episode 25: Why All Dogs Can Bite and How to Reduce the Risk with R.E.A.D.

Dog biting prevention tips to reduce risk and increase safety for you, your children, and dogs.

Episode 24: Help for the Dog who Chases Chipmunks, Bicycles, and the Neighbor’s Cat

What to do when your dog wants to chase things, and how to use my distraction intensity index.

Episode 23: What Is Your Identity as a Dog Owner?

How we identify ourselves has a direct impact on us, our life with our dogs, and dog training.

Episode 22: The Invisible Bubble of Pressure and Your Dog

The bubble of pressure is a dog’s socially acceptable distance and ourunderstanding is vital.

Episode 21: The 5 Critical Dog Training Layers for Confidence with Anything

How to use the 5C Pyramid of dog training so your dog does anything you ask with great confidence.

Episode 20: Bridging the Gap Between Blame and Kindness in Dog Training

Moving on from blame and punishment in dog training and how to get out of the gapand into Do-Land.

Episode 19: One of My Biggest Pet Peeves in Dog Training

Misuse of dog training cues is one of my pet peeves. How to maintain the power of cue clarity.

Episode 18: 4 Puppy and Dog Training Games for Acquired Bite Inhibition

Games to play for puppies and dogs to expedite learning, bite inhibition, and how to redirect bites.

Episode 17: Help! How Do I STOP Puppy Biting?!

How to stop puppy biting, why puppies bite, and Susan Garrett’s protocol for acquired bite inhibition.

Episode 16: The Thing Before Your Dog’s Thing

How to fix any dog training problem by looking at the ABC and knowing the thing before the thing.

Episode 15: CSI Tips for Managing a Multi-Dog Household

Tips on managing a multi-dog household and guidelines to create comfort and confidence for all dogs.

Episode 14: Creating Intentional Multi-Dog Household Harmony

How to create intentional harmony in a multi-dog household for the safety and comfort of everyone.

Episode 13: Naming Your Puppy or Dog

Everything you need to know about naming your puppy or dog, what to consider and what not to do.

Episode 12: When Helping Your Dog is an Illusion

How helping your dog does opposite, illusions of control, and how everyone wins intraining games.

Episode 11: The Power of Permission in Dog Training

The where, why, and what of permission in dog training. Sometimes is anytime for a dog. Make anytime work for you.

Episode 10: What to Know Before Getting a Puppy or Dog

Things to know before you get a puppy or dog, including how to select a breed, time,cost, lifestyle. Plus tips on where you can cut costs, and where you should not.

Episode 9: How Long Does It Take to Train a Dog?

How long it takes to train a dog, what dog training really is, and a big tip to overcoming feeling frustrated or furious.

Episode 8: Get Your Dog in the Belief Loop of Awesome

How the belief loop of awesome can make life for you and your dog dramaticallybetter.

Episode 7: You, Your Dog, Maslow and Lizard Brain

Discover how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs applies to you and your dog. If lizardbrain ever takes over, it’s important to understand why.

Episode 6: The Art of Manipulation

Learn how manipulation is the key to great success with dog training and deepens the bond and relationship you have with your dog.

Episode 5: What is Shaping And How Can Dogs Shape Us

Does an action by your dog cause you to take a certain action? For example, if he goes to the door, do you let him out? You’ve been shaped!

Episode 4: T.E.M.P. (Tail, Eyes/Ears, Mouth, Posture)

Knowing how to take a dog’s TEMP could very well save that dog’s life. It could save a child, or possibly even you from getting a severe injury from a dog.

Episode 3: How Hollywood Made Life Tough For Dogs

Hollywood has made life incredibly difficult for dogs. The truth about dogs is if Timmy fell down that well, he's very likely going to stay there.

Episode 2: Reinforcement

Why great dog trainers understand rewards and reinforcement. Rewards can change at any given moment for a dog.

Episode 1: Done Is Better Than Perfect

Discover why “done is better than perfect” in dog training, the 4 types of dog trainers, and about Susan Garrett’s Shaped By Dog.

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