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Episode 272: 10 Engaging Chase Games To Increase Your Picky Eater Dog’s Food Drive

10 fun games that you can play with any dog that will increase the value of food as a reinforcer.

Episode 271: Structure Your Dog Training To Create Food Drive In Your Treat Fussy Dog

How to boost food drive for treat fussy dogs so that you can use food as a reinforcer for training.

Episode 270: Goals, Challenges And Joy: Reflections On The Canadian World Team Dog Agility Tryouts With This!

Update on my Border Collie This! reflecting on our 3 days of agility at the World Team tryouts.

Episode 269: Why Do Some Dogs Seem to Have Less Food Drive Than Others – 10 Reasons to Consider

10 reasons why dogs have low food drive and are not motivated by training treats as a reinforcer.

Episode 268: Training Thresholds: A Strategy For Balancing The Emotions Of Anxious Or Over Excited Dogs

Know your dog's physical and emotional thresholds to help with training, anxiety or over excitement.

Episode 267: How To Use A Training Den To Fast Track Your Dog’s Success: No Space? No Problem!

Creating a dedicated training den to maximize your dog's full potential and confidence in training.

Episode 266: Hot Zone And Stays – How One Dog Training Nuance Can Fix Anxiety And Duration

Unlock brilliance in your dog with the nuances of dog training, with examples for Hot Zone to try.

Episode 265: Dog Training Community And Controversy: Can We Draw From Our Positive Reinforcement Values?

Can we use our positive reinforcement values when triggered by dog training methods on social media?

Episode 264: Shaping Tips For Timid, Shy, Softer Or Fearful Dogs To Create Enthusiastic Learners

How to shape reserved, shy, softer, timid, or fearful dogs for training enthusiasm and confidence.

Episode 263: Breaking Down Dog Behavior Problems: Insights From The Top 10 Frustrations

The top 10 frustrations of dog owners according to ChatGPT and how to make behavior problems better.

Episode 262: Shaping Tips For High Drive, Frantic, Hyper Dogs To Stop Dog Training Frustration

Shaping high drive dogs can be overwhelming, so I’ve got training tips to turn frustration to calm.

Episode 261: Common Misconceptions Around Shaping: Why You May Find Dog Training Frustrating

Answering your most asked questions on shaping with practical tips to troubleshoot dog training.

Episode 260: Is My Puppy’s Behavior Normal Or Is It Time For Me To Be Concerned?

Understanding and normalizing puppy behavior with tips to grow confidence and overcome challenges.

Episode 259: Use These Simple Shaping Hacks To Expedite Your Dog Training

Hacks for shaping in dog training to fast track success, understanding and create great behaviors.

Episode 258: Training Plan For Hyper Excited Dogs: Play The Threshold Game For Calm Focus

How to play the Threshold Game to calm down dogs who get hyper and lose focus near exciting things.

Episode 257: How To Use Your Dog’s Favorite Reinforcements To Fix Unwanted Inadvertent Behaviors

How to fix your dog’s unwanted and inadvertent behavior problems with their favorite reinforcements.

Episode 256: What Was That Cookie For?! When Positive Reinforcement In Dog Training Goes Wrong

Address criticism of reinforcement-based dog training with knowledge of what really rewards dogs.

Episode 255: Rescue Dog Training: Priorities For Your First Week Together

Key priorities for settling rescue dogs into their new home and how to create a bond for every dog.

Episode 254: Why Your Older Puppy Or Dog Is Not House Trained And What To Do About It

House training tips and how to teach pups or dogs to let you know they need to go outside to potty.

Episode 253: 7 Ways To Instantly Make Your Dog’s Life Better

7 easy ways to instantly make your dog’s life better that don’t cost extra and create happy dogs.

Episode 252: The Raw Feeding Guide To Training Your Dog With All Forms Of Treats

How do you feed raw and use raw food for dog training? I’m answering two very popular questions!

Episode 251: Should We All Stop Using Non-Reward Markers In Dog Training?

Reviewing the use of Non-Reward Markers in dog training with a focus on compassion over ambition.

Episode 250: Expectations Vs Reality: Navigating The Path To Dog Training Success

Evaluating expectations, beliefs and biases for dog training success and a closer bond with dogs.

Episode 249: AMA: Puppy Training, Agility Zoomies, Senior Dogs, Feeding Schedules And More With Susan Garrett

Answering questions about puppy training, agility, feeding, elderly dog care, reactivity and more.

Episode 248: Milestones That Transform Your Dog’s Life! Goals To Achieve Dog Training Success

Discover the power of setting goals and celebrating achievable milestones for dog training success.

Episode 247: Redefining Expertise In Dog Training And What Counts More Than Years Of Experience

What dog training experience means and why embracing a growth-mindset open to new ideas is vital.

Episode 246: Susan Garrett’s Puppy Socialization Strategies For Raising Confident, Happy Dogs

Socializing pups for confident life skills, connection with you and positively conditioned emotional responses.

Episode 245: Make Dog Training Easy! Quick Guide To Antecedent Arrangements

Antecedent Arrangements and “the thing before your dog’s thing” in creating brilliant dog behaviors.

Episode 244: Dog Myths Debunked: Separating Canine Facts From Fiction

Debunking 14 common dog training myths, from senior dogs learning new tricks to puppies loving hugs.

Episode 243: Training My New Puppy, What He Knows So Far: Susan Garrett’s Plan And Puppy Schedule

My puppy Prophet's daily routine, training plan, progress, and tips for raising a confident dog.

Episode 242: Help! Why Won’t My Dog Pay Attention? (Secrets Of Focus)

How to keep your dog’s focus on you even near high level distractions and training games to play.

Episode 241: Halloween Prep For Dogs: Tricks To Make Celebrations A Treat For Everyone

Halloween training challenge countdown and how to keep dogs safe around candy and trick-or-treaters.

Episode 240: Stop Barking Dogs! Step-By-Step Action Plan And Anti-Bark Strategies To Avoid

Step-by-step anti-barking protocol plus the consequences of my using a bark collar in the Nineties.

Episode 239: Barking Dogs! How To Help Your Dog Be Quiet And Stop Annoying Barking

7 training games to reduce nuisance barking and how unwanted barking gets unconsciously reinforced.

Episode 238: Barking Dogs! Understanding Canine Vocalization To Prevent Nuisance Barking

5 reasons dogs bark and identifying different meanings of canine communication with vocalization.

Episode 237: A Plan For Your Fearful Dog (Part 2): Susan Garrett’s Strategic Plan For Anxious Dogs

My detailed strategy for helping scared, anxious, and reactive dogs grow into confident family.

Episode 236: Understanding Dog Fear (Part 1): Genetics, Trauma, And Your Dog’s Well-being

What triggers your dog’s fears plus how animals absorb toxic energy from humans and the environment.

Episode 235: AMA With Susan Garrett: Leash Lunging, Dog Anxiety, Agility Angst, Bad Breeders, And More

Your questions about separation anxiety, breeder selection, agility overtraining, lunging, and more.

Episode 234: How To Stop Puppy Biting: Avoid Mistakes With Susan Garrett’s Backup Plan

Ten reasons why puppies bite and an action plan with a new game to stop nipping and soothe teething.

Episode 233: Flying A Dog Or Puppy: Susan’s Pre-Flight Plan

Preparing puppies for in-cabin flying in two training phases and understanding airline pet policies.

Episode 232: Canine Predatory Motor Sequence: Understand Your Dog’s Prey Drive To Enrich Your Life Together

Eight events of the Predatory Sequence and how to recognize, redirect or reinforce them in your dog.

Episode 231: Empowering The Next Generation Of Dog Lovers: Finya’s School Assignment

A high school agility competitor asks about using aversives, overcoming dog training snags and more.

Episode 230: Finding Joy Amidst Frustration And Shame In Dog Training – DeCaff’s Story Part 2

A hard admission about DeCaff plus 6 wise lessons from my world agility champion and companion dogs.

Episode 229: Transforming An Overwhelmed And Anxious Dog Into A World Champion – DeCaff’s Story Part 1

Reflecting on six lessons for training over-aroused dogs and aggressive puppies like my dog DeCaff.

Episode 228: Navigating Failure In Dog Training: What’s Your Plan B?

Having a Plan B to pivot when things fall apart in dog training plus top books to boost resilience.

Episode 227: My Foolproof Strategy To Overcoming Dog Training Challenges

We all experience dog behavior problems, so I’m sharing success strategies for training challenges.

Episode 226: Safe Toys For Dogs And Why To Avoid Tennis Balls And Sticks

The dangers of two popular dog toys, what toys are best for training, and tips for playing fetch.

Episode 225: Keep The Food Bowl! Why Dogs Don’t Need 100% Hand Feeding

Why the fad of never feeding a dog from a bowl should be avoided, why, and what to do instead.

Episode 224: Unleashing Fluency In Dog Training: Cracking The Canine Communication Code

All the elements of joyful fluency in dog training, learning from Buzz, and why our beliefs matter.

Episode 223: AMA: Aggression? Agility? This!? Belief? Routine? Dog Training? And More Questions Answered

Answering questions about agility, This!, routines, dog training, Belief, ears, Recallers, and more.

Episode 222: Get Your Dog To Respond Faster: Latency In Dog Training

Why dogs respond slowly to cues, how to fix it, and what you need to know about latency of behavior.

Episode 221: Mindshifting Dog Behavior Problems To Overcome Extreme Training Challenges

Overcome extreme dog training challenges with 10 proven mindset shifts to help you help your dog.

Episode 220: Help Humping, Barking, Destructive, Reactive Dogs Overcome Dysregulation: 4 Case Studies

4 case studies of dogs with dysregulated behaviors of humping, barking, destruction and reactivity.

Episode 219: Self-Regulation Helping Shy, Hyper, Anxious Or Fearful Dogs To A Better Life

10 Tips for moving your triggered dog from dysregulation to habituation with choice-based training.

Episode 218: Puppy Development Stages And Your Dog’s Behavior

The 7 developmental stages from puppy to adult dog for growing relationships, skills and confidence.

Episode 217: Understanding Emotional Regulation In Dogs To Create Calm

Understanding dysregulation, co-regulation and self-regulation to help dogs settle and calm down.

Episode 216: Dog Sitting For A Friend? Top 10 Tips For Fun, Safety And Success

Being a dog sitter can be fun and a great experience, so I’ve got tips for dog minding in your home.

Episode 215: What Your Destructive, Lunging, Nipping Or Hyper Dog Or Puppy Is Trying To Teach You

What your dog’s frustrating and bad behavior is trying to teach and how the lessons can change you.

Episode 214: England Banned Shock Collars, Here’s Why That Could Be Sad News

Why I think e-collar bans are sad, and what dog trainers can do instead to help people and dogs.

Episode 213: Dog Training Careers And Social Media: Chat With Emily Larlham Of @kikopup

Chat with Emily Larlham of Kikopup about dog training on social media and starting as a dog trainer.

Episode 212: Becoming A Dog Trainer: Training Tips Talk With Canine Diva, Laurie C. Williams

Running a successful dog training school and career advice for new trainers with Laurie C. Williams.

Episode 211: Confident Working Protection Dogs: Training Chat With Matt Folsom Of Modern Malinois

How different minds dog train differently and positivity in protection training with Matt Folsom.

Episode 210: Tips On Finding Time To Dog Train When Life Is Busy: Chat With Natalia Nizker

Why training with layers is a perfect fit for a very busy life and raising dogs with Natalia Nizker.

Episode 209: What Professional Dog Trainers Want Everyone To Know: Talking Dogs With Kamal Fernandez

Talking dogs, dog training, reinforcement, and beliefs with elite dog sports coach Kamal Fernandez.

Episode 208: Brilliance, Resilience And Gratitude: Inspiration And Motivation With Elliott Connie

Dog training inspiration with Elliott Connie on gratitude, resilience, and seeing your brilliance!

Episode 207: Rescue Dog Behavior: Training Rehomed Dogs Chat With Nadine Hehli and Simone Fasel

Talking rescue dogs with Nadine Hehli and Simone Fasel of FRIDA separation anxiety protocol fame.

Episode 206: First Dog Agility Competition: Creating Joy For This! By Maximizing Reinforcement

This!’s World Team Tryouts and the 5 step strategy for creating joy in any dog sport or activity.

Episode 205: The Hidden World Of Reinforcement For Dogs And Why You Need To Know

What reinforces dogs beyond food and toys and how reinforcement influences your dog’s behavior.

Episode 204: Dog Behavior And Diet: Recovery For This! Beyond Dog Training Part 2

The role of nutrition in dog behavior challenges with This! and changes made for her health and joy.

Episode 203: Reactive, Unmotivated and Fearful: Finding Resiliency For This! Beyond Dog Training Part 1

When dog behavior falls apart and you can’t dog train something that isn’t a dog training problem.

Episode 202: Getting A Happy Well Behaved Dog With The ABCs Of Training

Using the 8 zones of a dog’s life for training and habits so dogs can be happy and well behaved.

Episode 201: Can Dog Training Be Effective, Efficient AND Compassionate?

Should you change dog training methods if you are not getting results or the progress you expected?

Episode 200: Solve Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety With FRIDA: Expanding Calm With Functional Relaxation

Separation anxiety solution with the innovative FRIDA Protocol to create calm relaxed dogs at home.

Episode 199: Puppy Fear Periods: Help For Socializing Puppies Or Rescue Dogs Scared Of People

How to help your puppy through a fear period and advice to ignore when dogs are scared of people.

Episode 198: What Does “Positive Is Not Permissive” Really Mean In Dog Training?

Why positive dog training is not permissive and how we get great dog behavior without corrections.

Episode 197: Outsmarting Distractions: How To Use Environmental Reinforcement in Dog Training

Why awareness of environment in dog training grows skills and focus no matter what the distraction.

Episode 196: Why Mastering Reinforcement Is The Linchpin To Reinforcement Based Dog Training

How gaining reinforcement mastery as a positive trainer creates amazing, reliable behavior for dogs.

Episode 195: Making Your Mind Your Most Powerful Dog Training Tool

How mindset determines our ability to succeed with dog training and how to get the mindset we want.

Episode 194: The Invisible Reason Your Dog Is Ignoring You

How to create a relationship with your dog so they listen anywhere and why to consider ego or soul.

Episode 193: Do Different Dogs Really Need Different Dog Training Methods?

What does the common advice that different dogs need different dog training methods really mean?

Episode 192: Barking, Broken Recalls, Wildlife, Dog Trainer Personality And More Questions Answered

Answering your dog questions about recalls, wildlife, barking, littermates, the unexpected and more.

Episode 191: Get Your Dog To Calm Down With This Common Sense Protocol For Relaxation

How to help dogs settle down with a process to trigger relaxing even if they are anxious or hyper.

Episode 190: Using Daily Quickies To Fast Track Your Dog Training And Grow Your Dog’s Skills

Try Daily Quickie dog training sessions to achieve far more in less time and improve behavior.

Episode 189: All The Things That Influence Your Dog’s Behavior And What Behavior Tells You

Why dog behavior is information and communication plus seven areas influencing how a dog behaves.

Episode 188: Why You Should Change Your Strategy Rather Than Your Criteria When Dog Training

How to help your dog understand what you want and adjust strategies to create clarity when training.

Episode 187: When To Listen To Your Heart In Dog Training

Tips for staying on the path of positive dog training when those around you say it can’t be done.

Episode 186: 2 Types Of Connection With Dogs: Dog Agility And Daily Life Case Studies

The two types of connection we can have with dogs, how one can impact the other and why it matters.

Episode 185: I Tried That, It Didn’t Work

Tips for dog training coaches and students for critical thinking when training doesn’t seem to work.

Episode 184: Proofing Vs Generalizing In Dog Training To Grow Skills And Confidence

How to proof your dog training differently so you dog has confidence in any location and situation.

Episode 183: What Does “Train The Dog In Front Of You” Really Mean?

What training the dog in front of you really means to grow your relationship, skills and confidence.

Episode 182: The Game Within The Game: How To Multiply Your Dog’s Reinforcements

How dog training with games within games transfers value and creates connection, focus and drive.

Episode 181: Training Multiple Dogs To Wait Turns And Relax

How to set up dog training when teaching multiple dogs and help any dog relax near distractions.

Episode 180: Taking Your Puppy To A Café Or Restaurant: Socialization Success

Tips on making a trip to a café or restaurant with a puppy an excellent experience for socializing.

Episode 179: Help For Dogs Refusing Treats: Case Study With Training Plan

How to get dogs to love taking treats in any location so that you can use food reinforcers to train.

Episode 178: Dog Walking: Why To Start, How Often, And Where

All the benefits of walking dogs that you may not realize and how it contributes to quality of life

Episode 177: Dog Training Outside The Box: Transfer Of Value Case Study

Why we need to think outside the box in dog training and use the value of the things our dogs love.

Episode 176: Why Your Dog’s Emotions Are A Critical Element Of Dog Training

How a dog’s emotions impact their love of training and 7 tips to maximise your dog training success.

Episode 175: Food Luring VS Shaping In Dog Training: How Science Changed How I Teach Dogs

Why I changed from luring to shaping in dog training and teach my students how to shape behavior.

Episode 174: Dopamine In Dog Training: Anticipation, Rewards, And The Transfer Of Value

Dopamine and your dog’s drive plus the neuroscience of reinforcement, shaping and transfer of value.

Episode 173: Target Training For Dogs: How, Why, And When To Fade Targets

How to fade targets in dog training, what to know before fading a target, and when to add a cue.

Episode 172: How To Teach Your Dog Anything With My Training Plan

How I plan for dog training success in layers to include criteria, environment, and distractions.

Episode 171: Dog Training With Layered Shaping: Why Classical Conditioning Must Come First

The four elements of layered shaping in dog training and why it starts with your dog’s emotions.

Episode 170: 5 Popular Ways To Train Your Dog With Food

How reinforcement like treats or toys are used positive dog training and the differences in shaping.

Episode 169: Dog Training A Stressed, Anxious Or Reactive Dog Part 2

Creating confidence zones for stressed, anxious or reactive dogs and critical dog training elements.

Episode 168: Creating Confidence For Anxious, Stressed Or Reactive Dogs Part 1

How belief, clarity and expectations will help stressed, anxious or reactive dogs gain confidence.

Episode 167: Reduce Your Dog’s Stress And Anxiety In Training

Help reduce stress and anxiety for dogs in training with mechanics, transitions, breaks and a plan.

Episode 166: Puppy Freedom: How Much Is Too Much?

How raising puppies with puppy zones and schedules stops destructive behavior and prevents problems.

Episode 165: Why Do Dogs Bark In Cars And How To Stop It

Why dogs bark when driving in cars and how to stop it with counter conditioning and desensitization.

Episode 164: The Danger Of Car Travel For Dogs: Evaluating Your Risk

Car safety for dogs is vital for everyone and evaluating the risks will keep you and your dog safe.

Episode 163: Unsolicited Dog Training Advice: How To Protect Your Confidence And Your Dog

How to deal with unsolicited dog training advice to protect your dog and your confidence.

Episode 162: Dogs Swimming: 5 Must Do Steps For Dogs Who Hate Or Love The Water

How to help your dog love water and swimming and easily get your water obsessed dog under control.

Episode 161: Conditioning In Dog Training: Why A Recall And Positive Interrupter Are Different

Why using different cues for dogs creates clarity, and the science of conditioning in dog training.

Episode 160: 10 Common Puppy Mistakes: What To Do Instead!

Common mistakes to avoid with puppies to set pups up for confidence and success when they come home.

Episode 159: Help! My Puppy Is A Bully And Plays Too Rough

Help puppies who play too rough by teaching manners and creating an environment set for success.

Episode 158: Stop Your Dog’s Unwanted Behaviors With This Positive Interrupter

Prevent your dog’s naughty behavior by teaching a positive interrupter and drop using words like no.

Episode 157: Dog Body Language: Understanding Canine Communication Signals And Emotions

Understanding dog body language and emotion and how to observe clear canine communication signals.

Episode 156: Dog Fireworks Anxiety Prevention: How To Keep Your Dog Safe And Calm

How to help your dog during fireworks to reduce fear, keep them calm and safe, and why to start now.

Episode 155: 10 Ways To Teach A Sit WITHOUT A Food Lure! Unreal Results For Puppies And Dogs Of All Ages

How to teach a dog to sit 10 different ways and what to know so your puppy or dog sits properly.

Episode 154: Car Vacations With Dogs: Tips To Make Holiday Road Trips Safe And Fun For All

Planning a dog friendly road trip makes a vacation with your dog fun and safe for a great holiday.

Episode 153: Dog Muzzles: Everything You Need To Know And How To Muzzle Train Dogs

How to help dogs love putting on and wearing a muzzle with fun dog training games that build trust.

Episode 152: Off Leash Listening Skills For Dogs Part 3: Training Steps

Dog training plan so that your dog can respond instantly to your cues when off leash and far away.

Episode 151: How Location Specific Reinforcement Markers Will Improve Your Dog Training!

Double the value of your dog training rewards with reinforcement markers for toys, food, activities.

Episode 150: Adding Mindset To Your Dog Training Tools: Who Do You Become?

Mindset is nothing to do with dog training yet has everything to do with how successful you will be.

Episode 149: Superstitious Behavior In Dog Training: Beware The Killer Bees!

How dogs can have superstitious behavior, why that can get built into dog training and what to do.

Episode 148: Your Dog Listening At A Distance Part 2: Critical Timing Of Distractions

How to use distractions in dog training to create enthusiastic responses for sit, stand, and down.

Episode 147: Teach Your Dog To Listen Off Leash And Far Away

Dogs listening to cues like sit, down or stand at a distance can be life saving and easy to train.

Episode 146: Balanced Dog Training: Does It Really Exist?

Is balanced dog training equal in the 4 quadrants of operant conditioning and what tips the balance?

Episode 145: 10 Ways To Teach A Dog To Lay Down And How To Shape It Without Luring

How to train dogs to lay down on cue and why shaping games create dogs who drop with speed and joy.

Episode 144: Teach Your Dog To Listen No Matter What… Even If You Think They Are Stubborn

The training layers to get your dog to respond to your cues the first time you ask in any location.

Episode 143: Is It Ever Too Late To Train Your Dog?

Why it’s never too late start training your dog and how you can create new beginnings from today.

Episode 142: Giving And Receiving Constructive Feedback About Your Dog Training

Reflections on giving and receiving constructive coaching feedback to inspire dog training students.

Episode 141: Average Or Better Dog Training Question: What Did You Just Reward?

Why reinforcing average or better speeds up dog training and when to ask, “what did I just reward?”

Episode 140: Stop Your Puppy’s Excited Peeing Or Submissive Urination

Why puppies or dogs pee when greeting and the two ways to fix submissive or excited elimination.

Episode 139: Remove Confusion And Build Your Dog’s Confidence With One Simple Dog Training Habit

How to use reinforcement to build confidence in dog training and let your dog know they are correct

Episode 138: Frantic Dog? Are You Training Both The Hold And The Do?

Why training overexcited dogs to hold and do one behavior helps them think and listen near triggers.

Episode 137: Is Your Dog Hyper At Home? How To Teach Relaxation

How to get your puppy or dog to settle down and relax at home and stop demanding your attention.

Episode 136: Help Your Excited Dog Calm Down And Stop Barking, Lunging, Spinning, Nipping

10 steps to help over excited dogs calm down, listen to you and behave so you can reduce anxiety.

Episode 135: Test Your Dog’s Sit Stay Training

The choice based training steps to proof stay so dogs have confidence for holding control positions.

Episode 134: How To Teach A Dog Stay WITHOUT Luring, Collar Pops Or Using The Word “Stay”

How training your dog to stay with duration starts with them knowing what to do and when it’s over.

Episode 133: Become Your Own Dog Training Coach With This Video Strategy

Video review of your dog training is a powerful training tool to save you time and increase success.

Episode 132: All The Things Your Dog Hates And How To Fix Them

Why dogs hate eye drops, ear cleaning, brushes, vacuuming and how creating a positive CER will help.

Episode 131: How Would Susan Garrett Plan Your Dog Training Sessions?

Why to plan a puppy or dog training session with a checklist and how to record keep your sessions.

Episode 130: Conditioned Responses: The Magic Every New Puppy (And Dog) Owner Must Know About

How classical conditioning can speed up your puppy or dog training and help your dog’s behaviour.

Episode 129: Shaped By Dog Year In Review: Your Most Popular Dog Training Episodes

Reviewing your favorite podcasts this year and it’s about dog training and creating confident dogs.

Episode 128: Reduce Stress For Dogs During Holiday Celebrations

Tips to keep dogs, kids and guests safe during holiday celebrations in your home and when visiting.

Episode 127: Puppy Socialization: Playtime For Puppies And Permissions

Set puppies up for playtime success to build confidence, keep pups safe, and grow your relationship.

Episode 126: How Dog Training Goes Better When You Begin With The End In Mind (Backchaining)

The reason to start your dog training plan at the finish and why back-chaining creates success.

Episode 125: Why Isn’t My Dog Learning What I’m Training?

How your reward delivery and reinforcement process helps your dog learn and makes training faster.

Episode 124: The Woo Side Of Dog Training: Power of Words

Words have power, and in relation to your dog training have an energy you can use for success.

Episode 123: The Best Gift For Dog Owners (And Puppy Owners)

Why the best gift for dog lovers is a dog training education for a life of joy and trust with dogs.

Episode 122: Being Present With Empathy In Dog Training

How embracing that our dogs are doing the best they can flows onto the way we show up for the world.

Episode 121: How To Stop Dogs Jumping Up On People

Why dogs jump up and how to stop jumping on people in 3 easy training steps for calm dog greetings.

Episode 120: The Rhythm Of Life With Puppies And Dogs

Living with dogs has a rhythm and it can be relationship building for connection and confidence.

Episode 119: The Rhythm Of Dog Training And How To End A Session

How to start and end a dog training session, how long to train, and why a rhythm will help dogs.

Episode 118: Same Home Different Rules: Will Reinforcement Based Dog Training Work?

Does everyone at home need to follow the same dog training rules? Why your consistency matters.

Episode 117: What’s More Important Than Your Dog Training Sessions?

Pro tips on how teaching your dog to stay or hold a start line in agility can be quick and easy.

Episode 116: Dog Questions: Choosing Dog Training Classes, “Naughty Dogs” And More

Your questions about my dogs, naughty behavior, training class, females in season, and more answers.

Episode 115: Understanding Your Dog’s Language

How clear communication with your dog creates a conversation to set you up for training success.

Episode 114: Dog Agility Training: 3 Big Mistakes All Dog Owners Should Avoid

Create dog agility success by avoiding common mistakes and understanding your dog’s communication.

Episode 113: Your Dog’s Verbal Cues And Hand Signals: How To Effectively Train Both

How and when to teach dogs physical cues and verbal cues, and the types of hand signals to use.

Episode 112: Stressed Dog? How Trigger Stacking Might Be Putting Your Dog Over Threshold

Reducing stress keeps dogs under threshold to prevent trigger stacking and sudden behavior change.

Episode 111: How An Anchor Dog Can Help Overcome Your Dog’s Anxiety Or Reactivity

How an anchor dog provides safety and calm for a nervous dog to reduce anxiety and help reactivity.

Episode 110: Is Your Over-Aroused Dog Just Over-Faced In Training?

High drive dogs can be misunderstood; good training removes anxiety and frustration and creates joy.

Episode 109: Project Calm Dog: Prevent Over Enthusiastic Greetings

How to help your dog with appropriate greetings so there is calm and not chaos when visitors arrive.

Episode 108: Dog Training: When Work Is Play And Play Is Work

Reduce the time you spend dog training by using what your dog values, having fun and playing games.

Episode 107: Pedicure Please: 3 Steps To Dog Nail Trimming Or Grooming Success At Home!

How to clip or Dremel your dog’s nails, so your dog enjoys a nail trim, and you enjoy cutting nails.

Episode 106: Consent In Dog Training: The Misuse, Misunderstanding And Misapplication

Is your dog a willing participant in all that you do together? Grow your dog’s comfort with consent.

Episode 105: Your Dog Agility And Dog Sports Questions Covered

Your dog sports questions! Agility, motivation, start line, connection, puppies, fitness, and more.

Episode 104: Naughty Dog Behaviors And How To Deal With Them

How to be a reinforcement based dog trainer even when you want to stop your dog's naughty behavior.

Episode 103: Excited Or Suspicious Dog? Dealing With Your Dog’s Emotions

Why our dog’s emotions, from fear to overexcitement, impact their decisions and how we can help.

Episode 102: Transitioning Your Dog Training: From All That Is Wrong To That Which Is Right

The why of moving from punishment or balanced dog training to choice based positive reinforcement.

Episode 101: Puppy Questions: Spay or Neuter? Humping? Puppy Blues? and Much More

Your puppy questions! Spay or neuter, humping, growling, exercise, crates, blues and weave pole age.

Episode 100: Dog Training: The Most Important Lesson I Can Share

As a professional dog trainer for 30 years, the biggest lesson for me applies to all areas of life.

Episode 99: When Reinforcement Based Dog Training Doesn’t Work

The reason positive is not permissive and how to use a pause to help get naughty dogs under control.

Episode 98: Puppy Home Alone: Are You Creating Chaos or Calm?

Separation anxiety prevention for puppies and how to help dogs feel comfortable and relaxed alone.

Episode 97: Overwhelm in Dog Training: How to Take Action on Challenges

What cycling and dog training have in common, and how to get on the fast path to overcome barriers

Episode 96: Why I Don’t Teach “Watch Me”, How to Use a Dog Treat Pouch, and More Questions Answered

Popular dog training questions answered: Watch Me, Treat Bags, Chewing Bed, Rewards, Ending Games

Episode 95: How Playing with Your Dog Like a Puppy Can Reduce Fear

Why the way you play with your dog can help reduce fear, create confidence, and grow love of touch.

Episode 94: How the Best Professional Dog Trainers Use Reinforcement

How elite trainers use rewards beyond food and toys to create a working partnership with their dog.

Episode 93: Fix Dog Training and Behavior Problems Before They Happen

How to categorize your dog’s behavior or training challenges and the systematic approach to help.

Episode 92: Avoid This Big Mistake When Feeding Your Dog

The way you feed your dog can create dog training success, health benefits and reduce picky eating.

Episode 91: Why Judgement Does Not Help People Or Dogs: ItsYerChoice LWT

How judgement impacts us, others and our dogs, and why to ask critical questions about dog training.

Episode 90: Premack, Dog Training and Transfer of Value

How Premack’s Principle helps your dog behave around the things he loves and transfers value to you.

Episode 89: Why Dogs Should Not Tug: The Truth Revealed

Reasons why dogs should not play with tug toys, plus how to enjoy tugging safely and the benefits.

Episode 88: Barrier Frustration: Help for Fence Fighting, Leash Reactivity and Window Guarding

How to stop dogs fence fighting and avoid barrier frustration by creating a new emotional response.

Episode 87: Canine Fitness: Why ALL Dogs Need It And 3 Easy Exercises To Start

Why all dogs need a fitness program for their health and injury prevention and how to easily start.

Episode 86: How to Train Unmotivated or Overexcited Dogs

How to change arousal states and calm down an overexcited dog or get an unmotivated dog interested.

Episode 85: Understanding Your Dog’s Sit: LWT

Learn, walk and train your dog’s sit with me as we cover the top 12 fundamental skills for all dogs.

Episode 84: Disappointment in Dog Sports: Mindset With Olympian Greg Louganis

Insights with Greg Lougains on overcoming disappointment in dog training, sport, or life in general.

Episode 83: The Dog Training You Do When You’re Not Dog Training

Why you don’t need to spend hours to train a well-behaved dog, and hacks for everyday life training.

Episode 82: Resource Guarding in Puppies: When Your Puppy Biting Seems Aggressive

Fixing aggression in puppies and what to do to help dogs who are resource guarding against people.

Episode 81: Sudden Aggression and Your Dog’s Thyroid

Why sudden onset aggression, fear or behavior change in dogs could be linked to thyroid malfunction.

Episode 80: Does Your Dog Love You? Let’s Talk Relationships

How relationship styles impact dog training choices and how to build trust with the dog you love.

Episode 79: Reduce Anxiety and Grow Your Dog’s Confidence with These Pro Dog Training Tips

How dogs communicate confidence, what fear, growling and aggression mean, and the ways you can help.

Episode 78: How to Train a Rescue Dog with Behavior Problems

All about bringing a rescue dog home, what you need, what to do, what to avoid in the first weeks.

Episode 77: Conversations with Uncontrollable and Untrainable Dogs

How to talk to out of control or untrainable dogs with four questions for dog training success.

Episode 76: Leash Walking: Distracted, or Reactive Dog? These Games Will Help!

Games to improve your dog’s loose leash walking and focus, and how to avoid distractions on walks.

Episode 75: Stop Motion Sickness: Helping Your Puppy or Dog Love the Car

How to help your puppy or dog with car or motion sickness and what to do if your dog hates the car.

Episode 74: Yes, Susan Garrett’s Dogs Sniff On Walks

Why I let my dogs sniff on walks, the top reasons for walking dogs, and how to walk safely anywhere.

Episode 73: Why Your Dog Is Still Pulling on Leash And How To Fix It

How to easily train your dog to walk on a loose leash and the quick way to stop pulling on lead.

Episode 72: Preventing Dog Aggression: Introducing Dogs or Puppies with Project Togetherness

How to introduce a rescue dog or puppy into your pack safely to ensure multi-dog household harmony.

Episode 71: Pro Dog Trainer’s Secret to Help Your Naughty Dog

Professional training tips to start fixing your dog’s naughty behavior and overcome challenges fast.

Episode 70: Critical Info for Your Puppy’s First Day and Night at Home

Your guide to the first 24 hours with a new puppy, what you need, and what to do and what to avoid.

Episode 69: Clicker Training: Will It Work For Every Dog?

Everything you need to know about using a clicker for your dog training and when not to click.

Episode 68: 3 Easy Tricks Every Dog Should Know

Trick training for dogs is fun and easy; learn how to teach hand targets, perch pivots and a wave.

Episode 67: Are You Stressing About Your Dog’s Stress?

Tips to help with anxiety about your dog training challenges and the feelings you have for your dog.

Episode 66: Resource Guarding: Dog vs Dog Aggression

Help for the dog who guards resources by attacking other dogs and being aggressive over possessions.

Episode 65: The Secrets of What Your Dog Really Knows

When your dog ignores you or is disobedient, do you think “but he knows it!” and wonder why?

Episode 64: Help! How Can I Tell My Dog He’s Wrong?

Where a Non Reward Marker (NRM) fits into dog training and how to set your dog up for success.

Episode 63: Why Some Dogs Just Don’t Get It

How a safe, educational dog training program creates success and reduces dogs noticing distractions.

Episode 62: 12 Keys to Helping My Dogs Live a Long and Happy Life

What we can contribute to our dogs longevity and happiness and what could impact on life expectancy.

Episode 61: Lessons of Recovery: The Night My Dog Almost Died

My dog Encore suffered a traumatic brain injury, and her recovery and rehab taught lessons for life.

Episode 60: When You Don’t Feel Like Training Your Dog

How to find the motivation to focus on training your dog, have fun and achieve everything you want.

Episode 59: Why Your Treats Aren’t Working for Your Dog

How to successfully train dogs with reinforcement by understanding and using the value of rewards.

Episode 58: How to Create Kid Friendly Dogs and Dog Friendly Kids

What expectations help children and dogs and how setting up success teachescritical life lessons.

Episode 57: Why Balance Breaks Fast Track Your Dog Training

How Balance Breaks create joy for you and your dog and exponentially increase dog training success.

Episode 56: 5 Simple Questions to Guide Your Dog Training

Easy pro trainer guide to fix dog training challenges, give your dog focus and plan for success.

Episode 55: Pro Dog Trainer’s Guide to Toy Selection

How professional dog trainers choose toys for any activity and tips for easy homemade toys for dogs.

Episode 54: Dog Toy Checklist: What’s Good and What to Avoid

How to pick the best toy for your puppy or dog, and what types of toys are safe or unsafe for pets.

Episode 53: Stop Your Dog Pulling on Leash and Start Walking Together

How to train your dog to stop pulling on leash, so you can walk nicely together with a loose lead.

Episode 52: The Five Most Common Words in Dog Training and Which Ones I Never Use

How many words can dogs understand, the commands dogs ignore, and how cue tone helps a dog respond.

Episode 51: Is Your Stubborn Dog Frustrating You?

How to overcome frustration in dog training with 5 steps so you can train the dog in front of you.

Episode 50: Can Your Worst Challenge Make You a Better Dog Trainer?

How our challenges shape who we are, how we learn, and why that can be a blessing for us and dogs.

Episode 49: How Your Questions Instantly Improve or Sabotage Your Dog Training

How to rehearse dog training success with empowering questions so you can be a resourceful trainer.

Episode 48: Potty Train Your Puppy in a Week (Easy 3 Step Process)

The fast and easy way to potty train your puppy or adult dog to get housetraining success in a week.

Episode 47: Don’t Wanna, Don’t Hafta: What To Do When Your Dog Refuses To Obey

What you can do when your dog is ignoring you and saying “no” and how to train dogs to say “yes”.

Episode 46: Is Your Dog Trying to Dominate You and What You Can Do About It

Can dogs be alpha or beta, and is a dog who appears to be dominant really telling us something else?

Episode 45: My Dog Just Got Jumped, Now What?

What to do immediately after an incident between dogs to help your dog with emotional recovery.

Episode 44: Using Coincidences and Positive Associations in Dog Training

Dog training progressions and how to arrange coincidences to create positive associations with you.

Episode 43: Can a Dog be Happy and Well Trained?

How our dogs can be both happy and trained to be well behaved, and why our dog’s trust is important.

Episode 42: Behavior Chains: Are You Teaching Your Dog to be Bad to be Good?

Pro training tips on why the naughty behavior of dogs persist due to unintentional reinforcement.

Episode 41: Get a Behaved Dog by Celebrating Milestones!

Deepen the bond with your dog with clear expectations and knowing your basics, manners and extras.

Episode 40: Using A Head Halter On A Dog, Why My Approach Is So Different

Pro dog training tips on how to use a head halter effectively for loose leash walking success.

Episode 39: Is a Resistant Dog a Stubborn Dog?

The signs your dog is resisting, what that tells you, and how conditioning and training helps dogs.

Episode 38: 3 Keys to a Confident Dog

Why your dog’s confidence matters and how belief, strategy and language bring out the best in dogs.

Episode 37: Dog Training as a Career

Tips on becoming a professional dog trainer, what it involves, and why the love of dogs is vital.

Episode 36: Puppy Selection: How I Do It and Why I Didn’t This! Time

Tips on picking pick your next puppy, including structure, temperament and what your heart says.

Episode 35: Pro Dog Training Tip To Improve Your Dog’s Focus

How to easily prevent disconnect and get your dog’s focus and attention every time you train.

Episode 34: Time Outs for Dogs: Does Your Dog Need One?

Pro dog trainer tips on what you need to know about using a time out when you are training your dog.

Episode 33: How Do I Stop My Dog Counter Surfing?!

Easy steps to end the frustration of dogs stealing from the counter or table and prevent food theft.

Episode 32: 20 Easy Ways to Exercise Your Dog at Home

How exercising your dog’s brain and body at home can be easy and will keep your dog out of trouble.

Episode 31: 5 Simple Hacks to Help Your Dog Learn Faster (Reinforcement Process)

Professional dog training tips on using rewards and placement of reinforcement to train dogs faster.

Episode 30: Why Dog Crates Are Not Dog Cages

Everything you need to know about dog crates and using a crate for your dog’s comfort and safety.

Episode 29: Understanding and Preventing Reactivity and Aggression in Your Dog

Insights into why dogs react and display aggressive behavior, and strategies for prevention.

Episode 28: Why It Hurts Me When I Say “Dog Training”

Why do we own dogs? My thoughts on what good relationships have in common, including with our dog.

Episode 27: Do Dogs Need Rules?

How and why setting criteria for your dog training creates joy and can give dogs an amazing life.

Episode 26: Pro Dog Training Tips to Get Your Puppy to Sleep All Night

How to get your puppy to stop waking you up at night or your dog getting you up earlier and earlier.

Episode 25: Why All Dogs Can Bite and How to Reduce the Risk with R.E.A.D.

Dog biting prevention tips to reduce risk and increase safety for you, your children, and dogs.

Episode 24: Distraction Intensity Index: Help For Dogs Who Chase Chipmunks, Bicycles, And Neighbor’s Cats #24

What to do when your dog wants to chase things, and how to use my distraction intensity index.

Episode 23: What Is Your Identity as a Dog Owner?

How we identify ourselves has a direct impact on us, our life with our dogs, and dog training.

Episode 22: The Invisible Bubble of Pressure and Your Dog

The bubble of pressure is a dog’s socially acceptable distance and ourunderstanding is vital.

Episode 21: The 5 Critical Dog Training Layers for Confidence with Anything

How to use the 5C Pyramid of dog training so your dog does anything you ask with great confidence.

Episode 20: Bridging the Gap Between Blame and Kindness in Dog Training

Moving on from blame and punishment in dog training and how to get out of the gapand into Do-Land.

Episode 19: One of My Biggest Pet Peeves in Dog Training

Misuse of dog training cues is one of my pet peeves. How to maintain the power of cue clarity.

Episode 18: 4 Puppy and Dog Training Games for Acquired Bite Inhibition

Games to play for puppies and dogs to expedite learning, bite inhibition, and how to redirect bites.

Episode 17: Help! How Do I STOP Puppy Biting?!

How to stop puppy biting, why puppies bite, and Susan Garrett’s protocol for acquired bite inhibition.

Episode 16: The Thing Before Your Dog’s Thing

How to fix any dog training problem by looking at the ABC and knowing the thing before the thing.

Episode 15: CSI Tips for Managing a Multi-Dog Household

Tips on managing a multi-dog household and guidelines to create comfort and confidence for all dogs.

Episode 14: Creating Intentional Multi-Dog Household Harmony

How to create intentional harmony in a multi-dog household for the safety and comfort of everyone.

Episode 13: Naming Your Puppy or Dog

Everything you need to know about naming your puppy or dog, what to consider and what not to do.

Episode 12: When Helping Your Dog is an Illusion

How helping your dog does opposite, illusions of control, and how everyone wins intraining games.

Episode 11: The Power of Permission in Dog Training

The where, why, and what of permission in dog training. Sometimes is anytime for a dog. Make anytime work for you.

Episode 10: What to Know Before Getting a Puppy or Dog

Things to know before you get a puppy or dog, including how to select a breed, time,cost, lifestyle. Plus tips on where you can cut costs, and where you should not.

Episode 9: How Long Does It Take to Train a Dog?

How long it takes to train a dog, what dog training really is, and a big tip to overcoming feeling frustrated or furious.

Episode 8: Get Your Dog in the Belief Loop of Awesome

How the belief loop of awesome can make life for you and your dog dramaticallybetter.

Episode 7: You, Your Dog, Maslow and Lizard Brain

Discover how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs applies to you and your dog. If lizardbrain ever takes over, it’s important to understand why.

Episode 6: The Art of Manipulation

Learn how manipulation is the key to great success with dog training and deepens the bond and relationship you have with your dog.

Episode 5: What is Shaping And How Can Dogs Shape Us

Does an action by your dog cause you to take a certain action? For example, if he goes to the door, do you let him out? You’ve been shaped!

Episode 4: T.E.M.P. (Tail, Eyes/Ears, Mouth, Posture)

Knowing how to take a dog’s TEMP could very well save that dog’s life. It could save a child, or possibly even you from getting a severe injury from a dog.

Episode 3: How Hollywood Made Life Tough For Dogs

Hollywood has made life incredibly difficult for dogs. The truth about dogs is if Timmy fell down that well, he's very likely going to stay there.

Episode 2: Reinforcement

Why great dog trainers understand rewards and reinforcement. Rewards can change at any given moment for a dog.

Episode 1: Done Is Better Than Perfect

Discover why “done is better than perfect” in dog training, the 4 types of dog trainers, and about Susan Garrett’s Shaped By Dog.


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