Most puppies go through a ‘Fear Period’ stage, which can include fear of objects, adults, children, and other dogs. Unfortunately, many popular strategies taught to counter puppy fear are the absolute worst things possible. I’m covering three things you should never do when your puppy or rescue dog displays fear of people and what to do instead to create confident and empowered dogs.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The bad advice given when puppies show fear of people.
  • What 'flooding' is and why it intensifies fears.
  • The 3E's of Environment, Education and Empowerment for puppy and rescue dog socializing.
  • About empowering your dog with choice vs. controlling them.
  • Cues and games that grow confidence for puppies and dogs.
  • How to use a distinct noise to refocus a puppy's attention when they're worried.
  • Ways to change the environment easily by changing your appearance.
  • How to set up "training dens" in your home and increase confidence for puppies or rescue dogs.
  • What body language looks like for confident and joyful dogs.
  • How to manage and train in environments with potential fear triggers for your dog.
  • What to do when you have houseguests that your dog or puppy fears.

Shaped by Dog Episode 200 Online Celebration Event

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