We all have pet peeves, and one of mine is the misuse of dog training cues. Cues have power, and it is important to maintain our dog’s clarity and understanding. Most cues are verbs because we want our dogs to do something. It’s vital not to dilute a cue as that will create uncertainty in our dog about what we really want him to do.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How dogs don’t understand past tense.
  • The reason we should never say “good sit” or “good down”.
  • The importance of questioning dog training experts.
  • Why cues have a lot of power and value for our dogs.
  • The ways cues are misused.
  • Why a cue is a verb and not a description.
  • What dilutes a dog’s understanding of a cue.
  • Controversy surrounding cues and why I don’t say “stay”.
  • How mixing physical cues and verbal cues can create conflict for your dog.
  • How to keep quick responses to your cues.
  • About control positions, release cues and creating clarity with your expectations.