Making the world a better place for dogs means inspiring a desire to train for all dog owners. How do we create that desire? Mastering and enjoying any new skill can be inspired by the way we teach, the way we take action steps on feedback, and sometimes dropping our egos. I’ve been coaching in dog training and dog agility for over 30 years and have learned many lessons about teaching.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How to choose a dog training class, including how it might make you feel.
  • Why core values are important in your dog training decisions.
  • The top considerations when selecting coaching for your dog training.
  • How students are a reflection of our ability to teach.
  • About the way I used to teach dog training.
  • How to use the 5C Pyramid for teaching.
  • Where connection, clarity, confidence, challenges and choice fit into coaching and learning.
  • How my students helped me become a better coach.