One of the most frequent questions we see is how to get dogs to stop barking, but this week, a Shaped by Dog listener asked the opposite. They want to help their dog start barking. I teach this as a parlor trick, and have the training steps for you. I’m also sharing expert insights from my good friend, Matt Folsom of Modern Malinois fame because for many working dogs, barking is a vital skill, and it’s a very nuanced and detailed behavior.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • That barking on cue is a fun parlor trick and a vital skill for working dogs.
  • Expert insights from Matt Folsom about how he teaches protection dogs to bark.
  • How to train your dog to speak on cue as a trick.
  • How to shape continuous barking.
  • About capturing barking.
  • The emotional triggers/reasons behind dog barking and why I harness excitement.
  • When to add a cue to your dog’s trained barking behavior.