How do you decide when to use a clicker and what to use it for in dog training? That’s a question recently asked on my Instagram and what we’re covering in this episode. Is a clicker a good choice for your dog, or you as a trainer, or for the behavior you want to train?

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About using clickers, markers and what conditioned reinforcers are.
  • The four things you can do when using reinforcement in your training.
  • The verbal markers I like to use and why I changed from “yes” to a short “good”.
  • Why we use a clicker and how it can reduce stress.
  • About the clicker's precision and how a precise tool helps our training.
  • Why a clicker is like a laser for training to isolate exact moments for your dog.
  • About knowing what your dog thinks you clicked, not what you think you clicked.
  • What I learned about getting what I click in the nineties when training a go out.
  • When I use a clicker.
  • The reasons to use reward throwing or food chucking in dog training.
  • What to do if you are luring to fade the lure as soon as you can.
  • How I inadvertently trained by dog Buzz to stop at the first weave pole.
  • The difference between gross behaviors, behaviors of motion, and precise moments in time.
  • Easy games to help improve your timing and skills with a clicker.