How do I get my dog to stop jumping up on people? Wanting to know how to train a dog to greet people calmly is a question we see often. There are three simple steps to get your dog to never jump on anyone again. It starts with knowing why dogs jump up in the first place.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The reason dogs jump on people.
  • Why jumping up is rewarding for dogs and why they seek our face.
  • The tactic that I’d never use when dogs jump up.
  • About creating a new history of reinforcement.
  • The three easy steps to stop your dog from jumping up.
  • Why it all starts with your dog understating sit.
  • What the bubble of pressure means for your dog’s greetings.
  • How Crate Games and Hot Zone give you a baseline.
  • What I do that I’ve never seen anyone else do for dog’s jumping up.
  • How greet and re-greet will let your dog learn calm greetings.