There’s a good chance that you’ve seen how to train a sit by luring your puppy or dog with a treat above their nose. I teach a sit 10 different ways, and none involve a lure. I’m covering the details of the 10 alternate ways to train a sit, how I use them and why, plus the reason I am never in a hurry to put sit on cue. You’ll be able to pick one of the 10 ways I’m sharing and start having fun training your puppy or dog to sit right away.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • What a sit is for a dog and how it’s very particular.
  • The physical considerations to notice when looking at your dog’s sit.
  • That I want my dogs to sit with hips and hocks aligned.
  • About knowing your criteria for a sit, including why fast is important.
  • Why I don’t want my dogs to sit in front of me unless it’s for a dog sport.
  • The difference between a “push back” and a “pop up” sit.
  • Why I don’t name the behavior of sitting with a young puppy.
  • How you could go for months without putting sit on cue.
  • That the “search” game allows dogs to reset and sit.
  • The details on the 10 ways to teach your puppy or dog to sit: Tugging, Crate Games, Bed Games, Foot
    Target, Plank, Target Stick, Shaping, Rz Alley, Capturing, Free Shaping.