We’re talking about trick training for dogs; it’s fun and easy! Can you remember the very first thing you trained a dog to do and how you went about training it? The first thing I trained a dog to do was to dance. It was when I was a kid with our family dog, Tina the Poodle. Training tricks with our dogs is something I consider important, and there are three favourite tricks that I think all dogs should learn.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About our feelings when we are training tricks.
  • What I noticed about my Border Collie, Stoni, in the Obedience Ring.
  • Why everything can be a trick to bring joy to us and our dogs.
  • My progression as a dog trainer and transitioning to shaping behaviors.
  • How trick training provides a model for clarity for our dogs.
  • Why trick training teaches our dogs never to give up.
  • About the elements of strength, flexibility and proprioception when choosing tricks.
  • How to train your dog to hand target.
  • About the ways to shape your dog to pivot on a perch.
  • The steps for training your dog to wave.


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