We’re talking about pressure and dogs. It’s not the sort of pressure to make sure your dog’s leash matches the collar, or for your dog to be looking good in front of your friends. It’s the bubble of pressure that surrounds all dogs. This sort of pressure is essential to understand for your dog’s comfort and everyone’s safety around dogs. It will also help you become a great communicator with every dog you meet.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • My explanation on how the interweb fairies work.
  • About me being a hugger and our individual socially acceptable space.
  • How all dogs respond to pressure.
  • Why knowing about a dog’s bubble is important for safety.
  • The reason running towards your dog is counter productive.
  • About the fictional world of greeting dogs and what the facts are.
  • What to ask instead of “can I pat your dog?”
  • How the location can expand the bubble for your dog.
  • Why it’s okay if your dog does not greet everyone.