Do you ever wish your dog could really stay when you ask? Like when you're eating dinner, and you ask your dog to go on their mat, or maybe you put them in their bed so you can answer the door. There are many times in life when we want our dogs to wait with duration. Training your dog to stay no matter what, starts with them knowing what to do and when it’s over.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The different ways of dog training a stay.
  • Why lizard brain freeze is different to a dog understanding stay.
  • How I start training duration behaviours like sit, down and stand.
  • The layers dogs need from introducing a behaviour, so they can be an elite expert.
  • How to start stay training easily with a puppy.
  • Why I reward the pause to start understanding of stay.
  • About knowing what you are rewarding and how permission is a reinforcer.
  • How the Collar Grab Game, Tug, ItsYerChoice, and Crate Games help you.
  • Why Crate Games, along with Hot Zone, grows your dog’s clarity for release cues.
  • How to use ABCD so that your dog understands how to wait.