Learn, walk and train with me! We’re focusing on your dog’s “sit”. I’ll be giving you prompts during this episode for when you are with your dog so we can be dog training together. We’re also covering the 12 things that I consider fundamental for all dogs. Mastering the fundamentals will make anything you want to do with your dog so much easier.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Understanding your dog's sit.
  • The criteria of speed and latency.
  • Why to note how long it takes your dog to start sitting after your cue.
  • Why to notice how fast your dog sits.
  • Why speed and latency might be different in different environments.
  • About rewarding for average or better.
  • When to make use of your high value treats.
  • About the importance of protecting your dog's confidence.
  • The top 12 fundamentals for all dogs.

Susan Garrett’s Top 12 Fundamentals:

  1. Search
  2. ItsYerChoice
  3. Crate Games / Hot Zone
  4. Recall
  5. Reinforcement Zone (RZ) / Loose Leash Walking
  6. Play with the toy I have
  7. Retrieve
  8. Sit
  9. Down
  10. Lay on side for co-operative care
  11. Hand Target
  12. Functional Tricks