The number one problem every puppy owner will experience is “how do I get my puppy to go to the bathroom in the appropriate spot?”. Now some puppy owners never get this mystery solved as a lot of adult dog will mess in the house. Things are about to get easier because today we are covering the HOT topic of getting a pup or adult dog house trained fast. I’m sharing my easy 3 part process so you can have potty training success in a week, and within a month put any accidents behind you.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • All about what’s HOT: Habit, Observation, Timetable
  • The easy process you can use to get pottying success within a week.
  • Simple ways you can set your puppy or dog up for housetraining success.
  • Why you will thank me for having your puppy or dog on leash when you start potty training.
  • Your dog’s privacy and the importance of your silence while you are waiting.
  • About my “pee in three” criteria.
  • What a double pee-er is and how your timing matters.
  • Why to do a bedding check twice a day.
  • The importance of your puppy or dog having clarity.
  • What playing poker has to do with housetraining.
  • The timetable I use for potty training a puppy.
  • When to get your puppy or dog checked by a Veterinarian.
  • What to do if an accident happens inside the house.
  • How to use the same easy steps if you have a potty tray inside the house.