Would you like a well-behaved dog at the expense of having a happy dog? How do we define happy? Would you be willing to make your dog a little sad, confused, anxious, stressed to be well-behaved? With every dog I have ever owned my approach to training has become a little more Zen-like. Trust in me is important for my dogs to be part of my family, and part of the life I lead.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • What I was taught in the ‘80s about house training, and what I do now.
  • Why my dogs are such characters.
  • The “so what….” question to ask yourself.
  • More about what I was taught in the ‘80s relating to puppy biting.
  • About increasing or decreasing trust and happiness for dogs.
  • Why what we learn first is what we learn best, and how we can change.
  • How kindness should extend to ourselves.
  • About the clarity my dogs have for rules and how that gives them freedom.
  • How our dogs take on our emotions.
  • The reason to plan your responses to what your dog does.
  • That clarity is the opposite of anxiety and how certainty helps dogs.
  • Why the choice is ours on who we are for our dogs.
  • How our dogs can help us to become more compassionate.