The number one question anyone with a puppy asks is “how do I STOP my puppy biting me, my feet, my hands, my kids, my clothes, my face”. It’s important to understand that it is necessary for puppies to bite. What you do in response is going to set your puppy up for life success. If you don’t have a youngster, there is still a lot of great dog training to be learned from puppies, and you might even discover that you could be the reason your friend’s puppy bites. Visit Episode 18 to download a journal to track puppy biting.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Why it is good that your puppy bites (stick with me on this).
  • What is an acquired inhibited bite.
  • How I learned about bite inhibition and what biting teaches puppies.
  • The 5 Levels of Puppy Biting and what is “CODE RED”.
  • 8 things people do that contribute to biting.
  • Susan Garrett’s Puppy Biting Protocol.
  • What is appropriate when greeting a puppy.
  • When the likelihood of biting will escalate.
  • How to set you and your puppy up for non-bitey success.