There are four games you can play right now that will help expedite learning for your puppy or dog. I’m sharing each game plus why and how to play so you can start immediately. We’re also going over how toy selection can increase or decrease how often you get bitten and busting some myths about tugging with a pup. You’ll also learn what to do if your puppy or dog touches your skin or clothing with teeth when you are playing.

Be sure to check out Podcast Episode 17: Help! How do I STOP Puppy Biting?! for my Puppy Biting Protocol.

We’ve also got a journal for you to download to record your puppy’s acquired bite inhibition progress. Follow all the tips from my two podcast episodes on puppy biting to fast track your pup’s learning and your success.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Why playing dog training games expedites learning and helps with bite inhibition.
  • Why most dogs never bite with the intention of hurting you.
  • What a dog’s fear means in relation to a bite.
  • What abnormal biting is and why it needs a Veterinary Behaviourist.
  • How toy selection can increase or decrease the bites you get from your puppy.
  • Puppy tugging myths busted.
  • How to play my “Search”, “Collar Grab”, “Intentional Tugging” and “How’s It Taste” games and the benefits for you and your puppy or dog.
  • The difference between intentional play and mindless play.
  • How to redirect a puppy bite to your skin or clothing.