What you are about to hear could well be a paradigm shift. In dog training lingo, we call the rules we have for our dogs “criteria”. For a dog to have an amazing life there needs to be some training, and your understanding of criteria is going help your dog find joy in all that you do together.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How your dog’s behaviour impacts his life.
  • The breakdown of the criteria you need for your dog’s understanding of “sit”.
  • What WACC is and how it defines four elements of joy in criteria for your dog.
  • The reasons your criteria should change in different settings.
  • Why what you are asking needs to be worth your dog’s while.
  • About criteria from your dog’s point of view.
  • The difference between “want to” and “have to”.
  • Another of my pet peeves about dog training.
  • What happens when different people in the same home have different rules.
  • The importance of consistency and how sometimes is anytime for your dog.
  • Why I googled “how do I get my dog to..”
  • The three approaches of ignore, manage, or train.