In this episode, I am talking about one of my favourite things to train. If you love your dog, I'm asking you to listen with an open mind, because we're talking about comfort with confinement, a topic inspired by a note from one of my online students.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Why should you care about crating your dog.
  • About the importance of safety for your puppy or dog.
  • The one thing that makes comfort with confinement essential for your dog’s wellbeing.
  • How to help dogs with separation anxiety.
  • What type of crate to use for your dog and how I choose my crates.
  • Where you should put your puppy’s crate.
  • How I use a “gated community” that combines a crate and ex-pen.
  • Why to be intentional about crating.
  • How long your dog or puppy should be in a crate.
  • The time to invest in helping your dog be comfortable with confinement.
  • Why not to be in a hurry to close the crate door.
  • The progressions to ensure crate comfort and security for your dog.