Up to this point in your dog’s life, your training might not have worked the way you would have liked it to work. You can fix that with a simple set of progressions, and you can start right now. I know this works as it has worked for every dog I’ve ever raised, including rescue dogs, and it has worked for many thousands of my students. It all starts with arranging coincidences and positive associations.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • What my goal is when I am raising a dog.
  • How to look at life from the eyes of your dog and arrange coincidences.
  • A real-life example of coincidences with a puppy.
  • How positive associations can come through you.
  • The dog training progressions that I’ve been using for many years.
  • How you can start again right now.
  • Why we want the correct behaviour to be extremely easy for our dogs when we start.
  • The importance of trust, transfer of value, and our dogs making choices.
  • How layering of confidence lets you advance your training.
  • What the mid-level on my training progressions chart looks like and how choice is in play.
  • What I do to set my dog and myself up for success.
  • How to create opportunities for choice in training progressions.
  • About the advanced stages of training with my adult dogs who have the layers of confidence in place.
  • Why my dogs love challenge and why they choose correctly.
  • How the connection I have with my dogs, and my students have with their dogs, is possible for everyone.