For dog agility, we have a start line, and that is where our dog stays until we release them. The start line is a given for my dogs, and I know they will stay, but getting dogs to wait in any position can be very challenging for many. We’re covering what I do that allows me to take it for granted my dogs will stay no matter what. Plus, we’re taking a quick detour to discuss the use of the word no in dog training.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Why we are always dog training, even if we don’t think we are.
  • The data I’ve collected on my dogs start lines over the years.
  • How most of my dog training happens around the house.
  • What I reward my dogs with for holding position.
  • About the daily life training I do with my dogs.
  • How start lines start with Crate Games and apply to doors, beds, cars and more.
  • About the importance of the release cue.
  • That permission is reinforcing.
  • All the opportunities to train your dog when you are not training.
  • How to easily practice a start line 6430 times a year without training.
  • What I believe about the word “no” in dog training.
  • About Tater’s marking and how I deal with it.
  • Why I focus on my dog’s having a head whip reaction to their name.