Have you heard of the term “anchor dog”? It’s a term I coined for a dog who helps other dogs become more confident. In ancient times, the symbol of an anchor represented safety. Dogs pick up the emotions of people and also of other dogs. If you have a dog who is not confident, an anchor dog can assist you by reducing overwhelm in overcoming challenges.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How I am helping my puppy This! with an anchor dog.
  • Why different can be alarming for some dogs.
  • The reason an anchor dog works best if your dog's fear comes from lack of experience.
  • What makes a great anchor dog.
  • Why to be aware that confidence is situational.
  • That you can grow confidence on your own.
  • Why I like to set up situations so that outcomes can be positive.
  • What matters when you are using an anchor dog.
  • The reason to choose an area where you and your dog can get away.
  • How it starts with the anchor dog out in front.
  • Why your words about your dog help to set up success.
  • The reason working through challenges is a process.