There are five words commonly used when training a dog. I bet you can immediately think of dog training commands that are in use frequently! Are cues like sit, down, stay, come and okay on your list? One of these words I would never ever use, and I’m sharing why. I believe our dogs put our words into five categories, and I’m covering each cue category and how it relates to what we say to our dog.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How many words dogs can respond to and understand.
  • What words our dogs will ignore and how that can be inadvertent.
  • Why there are words that can be confusing for our dogs.
  • How words can make our dogs happy.
  • The importance of the tone of our verbal cues.
  • About the words that can create stress and fear for dogs.
  • Why sit means sit and importance of a release word.
  • The one word I never use.
  • Why some words are ignored or confusing for our dog.
  • My best advice on selecting cues for your dog.
  • How some dogs only have micro-seconds to respond to a cue.
  • About the release cue “break” that I use and one I don’t recommend.
  • How you can easily change a word to one that will bring your dog clarity.


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