Distractions! How do you get your dog’s focus in the face of a distraction? That’s what we’re talking about, and I’m giving you my formula to help your dog and have training success. Cats, squirrels, chipmunks, bicycles, kangaroos, children, birds, balls, food. The list of your dog’s distractions will depend on your dog, and many can be used to your advantage.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About response cost and how it relates to you drinking water.
  • How many of your dog’s distractions can work for you.
  • Distractions that should be off limit.
  • How to use my Distraction Intensity Index.
  • The formula that will let you make great decisions for your dog.
  • The importance of your dog’s senses when you are evaluating distractions.
  • What commitment you should make to your dog.
  • Strategies you can do at home right now to start helping your dog.
  • About reducing the intensity of a distraction for your dog.
  • How your dog’s value for a distraction can transfer to value for you.