Today I’m sharing with you how I get brilliant behaviours with my dogs. No matter what you are training, the key to success is to build value for what you want your dog to do and avoid your dog rehearsing undesirable behaviours. I’ll walk you through it step by step using walking on a leash as an example, and for me, that starts with using a Head Halter. Now before you turn off, you need to know that how I use a Head Halter is very different to nearly everyone out there. I’m also covering how not to use a Head Halter and clearing up common misconceptions.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Why behaviours get inadvertently chained and how to avoid it.
  • How to set your dog up for success and keep your dog safe.
  • Why the use of a Head Halter is controversial.
  • What walking your dog has to do with driving a car.
  • About the importance of protective gear.
  • What you should never do with a Head Halter.
  • Why I have to earn the right to put a Head Halter on my dog.
  • How I condition my puppy or dog to a Head Halter.
  • Why you need to know what you want your dog to do.
  • The 3 things I train for the times my dog and I come across a distraction when walking.
  • Everything I do differently when conditioning and using a Head Halter.
  • How we can be fair to our dogs by rehearsing success.
  • Why I let my dogs have choice.
  • Strategies to use in the face of distractions when you are out with your dog.
  • What my ultimate goal is when I use a Head Halter.