What do we do when our dog shows resistance? What happens when your dog appears to be stubborn, and what does that tell you? You might even see resistance in toddlers, teenagers, your spouse, or a co-worker. We're looking at how you can overcome resistance and build a relationship of trust.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Why we want to move from resisting to a willingness to try.
  • What creates resistance in dogs, the sights, scents, sounds, feelings.
  • How the unknown and fear relate to resistance.
  • The importance of conditioning.
  • The signs your dog is resisting and what that tells you.
  • About resistance and lizard brain.
  • What happened with my puppy Shelby in the ’80s that hurt my heart.
  • Why our dogs might not just get over something and how it creates emotional walls.
  • The 5 elements that will melt resistance and create confidence.
  • The most important thing for me when I am conditioning a head halter and how I start.
  • What’s different from Ruff Love in what I do today in relation to head halters.
  • What seat belts have to do with dog training.
  • The importance of building trust rather than breaking trust with your dog.