“How many hours a day do you spend training your puppy or dog?” is one of the most common questions I get. So, we’ll look at a typical day in the life of my dogs. What happens might surprise you as I don’t spend as much time training as many would think. What is important is the training between the training.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Why the interactions with your dog are the relationship.
  • About a typical day in my life with my dogs.
  • How I get the training done before I do the training.
  • Why I keep dog treats in small bowls around my home.
  • About being ready to reward your dog for doing something well.
  • How I capture behaviours that I want my dogs to do.
  • The opportunities for my dogs to earn reinforcement at mealtimes.
  • Why I am intentional about catching my dogs doing something well.
  • About being aware of the thing before the thing.
  • Why to decide what your rules are for your dog.
  • About using walks for training opportunities.
  • Why to be present to what your dog is rehearsing.
  • How 75% of my puppy training happens when I’m not training.
  • Why 95% of my adult dog training happens when I’m not training.


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