After 30 years as a professional dog trainer, I’ve learned a lot of things. The most important thing makes dog training far less frustrating. Setting our dogs up for success can set us up for success in many areas of our lives.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How our dog’s behaviours give us all the information we need.
  • Why I think who we become when we train a dog is as important as who our dog becomes.
  • What my husband John noticed about me when I was teaching workshops.
  • The five elements of the belief loop.
  • How confirmation bias kicks into dog training.
  • Examples of parenting in the 50’s compared to today.
  • Why being curious and trying new things is a learning opportunity.
  • Why I love my dogs to let their light shine.
  • The reason I want my dogs to confidently makes choices.
  • About reinforcement and setting dogs up for success.
  • Why our thoughts influence how we relate to and train our dog.
  • About asking ourselves important questions.
  • How you train your dog will change you and the roads you could take.
  • Why I embrace beliefs that bring out the best in my dogs.