Reinforcement based dog training almost sounds too good to be true. Being able to have the dog of your dreams without ever physically correcting your dog or yelling or telling your dog “NO” sounds amazing. But what happens when your reinforcement does not work, and you end up living with what appears to be a four-legged monster?

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About one of my student’s dogs, Riko, who seems to be out of control.
  • Why I believe our dogs are doing the best they can with the education we have given them.
  • How reinforcement-based dog training has a bad rap in a lot of circles.
  • About “positive not permissive”, something I’ve been talking about since 1996.
  • How dogs need clarity and why clear is kind.
  • The way to set up your ex-pen and why to use a crate.
  • Why I love to see dogs have joy in their life.
  • About the significance of what happens with dogs in the morning.
  • Why to know what you are really reinforcing.
  • What a pause is and why we need to create that pause for our dogs.
  • About my morning routine with my puppies and extending the pause.
  • How to start getting a pause with enterichement and then intentionally growing it.
  • Why dogs need to learn we won’t always be in the room