It’s completely normal to feel some apprehension about leaving a puppy alone. But there are things that you do that contribute to the chaos or calm you find when you return home. I’m covering the formula that I use to ensure a happy life with a puppy and how to prevent separation anxiety.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Why to see a Veterinary Behaviorist if you have a dog experiencing separation anxiety.
  • About how we can help our puppy look forward to confinement.
  • Why calm greetings, arrivals and departures contribute to the well-being of puppies.
  • What my puppy morning routine looks like and the three events of train, walk and enterichment
    (yes, enterichment, you probably won’t find that in a dictionary!).
  • What I do to settle my puppy just before I leave to create a routine.
  • How long you should leave a young puppy alone at home.
  • Steps you can take to help your puppy get used to alone time and why that is the gift of confidence.
  • Why to start helping your puppy with being on their own when you are home.
  • The 5 big mistakes people make that contribute to chaos when a puppy is left alone.
  • What negative reinforcement is, how it relates to a dog being alone and avoiding nuisance barking.
  • Why I do not recommend tethering or umbilical cord training for puppies or dogs.
  • How puppies can grow up to be relaxed dogs who can hang out anywhere at home.
  • The importance of setting you and your puppy up for success for your life together.