The first day with your new puppy is a critical start for your relationship. When a puppy comes into your home, they are fully capable of learning the moment they arrive. It’s super important to be intentional about how your puppy goes about life from the moment they join your family.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The essential things to do during your puppy’s first 24 hours at home.
  • What to avoid doing with puppies in the first few days.
  • Why to talk to your puppy’s breeder or rescue organization.
  • What to know about what your puppy has been eating, their potty training experience and if they have had any crate training.
  • What I feed my puppies and how to select dog food.
  • Why to plan to be home for a few days when your puppy arrives.
  • About the importance of protecting your puppy’s mental and physical health and how to create positive associations with you.
  • How puppies explore with their mouths and five ways to set your pup up for success.
  • Where to create puppy zones and what they are.
  • About the importance of creating a schedule for a puppy to thrive and the schedule I use for a pup.
  • How to make your puppy’s first week one of comfort and confidence.
  • The games to play with puppies and the toys I use.
  • Why your puppy needs to know who is safe and about socializing with people and dogs.
  • What not to do with your puppy.
  • Why to write to us [email protected] with the subject line “I am committed”.


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