Raising dogs in a home with kids and kids in a home with dogs can be harmonious when you have the right expectations for great outcomes. Now, I don’t have children, but my dogs are around many children as I have a lot of nieces and nephews. There can be a great deal of joy for kids and dogs and many life lessons if we set everyone up for success. Do you know someone who has children and a dog? Share this podcast episode with them, and together we can help families with kids and dogs and make life better for everybody.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How imagining living with an overly exuberant relative relates to your dog.
  • Why I believe having a dog in a house with children can be an awesome combination.
  • How adults can help create the best relationship possible between kids and dogs.
  • Why we all have the right to say we are uncomfortable.
  • What children learn from us in the way we treat our dogs.
  • How even the kindest people might inadvertently teach life lessons they don’t want      their children to emulate.
  • Why family agreements can be massively beneficial for everyone, including dogs.
  • How giving your dog a nickname can set kids and dogs up for success.
  • About including children in your dog training plans without overwhelm.
  • The transitions to train for your dog that will create household harmony.
  • What education I believe is critical for all dogs living with children.
  • Why I’m telling my team to give you a massive discount to join Home School the Dog.
  • Productive and safe ways that kids and dogs can enjoy time together.
  • How we can be the best advocates for both kids and dogs.
  • What you can do with “Home School the Dog I was listening”!