When you get a puppy or dog, what are your expectations of your new family member? Do you have a vision of how your dog will fit into your home? What does it look like, and how do you convey your expectations to your dog? You can deepen the bond with your dog by knowing what your basics, manners and extras are.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • All the things you probably don’t want your dog to do.
  • How expectations set people up for success and why that relates to your dog.
  • Why you need to know how you want your dog to behave.
  • The milestones you can set for your life with your dog.
  • Why there are three areas of focus for your dog to meet your expectations.
  • The basics of sleeping through the night, not going to the bathroom in the house, not biting and not destroying stuff.
  • How manners should be an area of focus once the basics are met.
  • Why teaching your dog a trick and retrieve helps in your life together.
  • All the extras you can introduce in your life with your dog.
  • How the more you welcome your dog into your heart the more milestones you can set to deepen your bond.
  • Why milestones are something you and your dog reaching together.
  • How exercise reduces your dog’s naughty behaviours.