All the details on how to minimize excessive and annoying dog barking with seven fun and fast dog training games! Remember that canine vocalizing can be an expression of emotion, so the solution to nuisance barking begins with a dog’s physical and emotional needs being met.There are also times we DON’T want our dogs to stop barking and times we unconsciously reinforce unwanted vocalizing. Understanding canine vocal communication is the path to a more harmonious relationship with dogs!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Results of nuisance barking poll.
  • That dogs bark to express emotions.
  • That a lot of unwanted barking gets reinforced by us.
  • Why dog barking can be good at times.
  • 7 training games to minimize barking.
  • About The Dog Relaxation Protocol.
  • That cued barking also needs a “stop” cue.
  • That it only took 21 days to teach my 4-month-old puppy barking manners.
  • Reasons dogs bark excessively.
  • Why we shouldn’t blame the breed for the barking.
  • How to condition dogs to entertain themselves with enrichment.
  • That reinforcement builds behavior.
  • Examples of how we unconsciously reinforce dog behavior.
  • That you shouldn’t cave to “demand barking.”
  • About barking to initiate play.
  • That vocalizing you allow your dog to do must be universal.
  • About the FRIDA protocol for anxiety barking.
  • How to decrease alarm barking with habituation to stimuli.
  • When dogs bark from frustration.
  • How the environment reinforces barking.
  • Tips for when dogs bark at feeding time.
  • Why to be predictably unpredictable with dog schedules.

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