As a professional dog trainer, I regularly see a lot of people working with their dogs. A common error people make when things don’t go well is changing criteria in the middle of training to help their dogs be successful. At first glance, this might make sense, but today we’re talking about why it’s a huge mistake, where it could lead you, and what you can do instead.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Why criteria will help your dog and reduce frustration.
  • The reason changing your strategy is better than changing the goal.
  • How consistently reinforcing the behavior you want creates clarity.
  • Why to remember that ‘sometimes’ is ‘anytime’ for dogs.
  • How to create calm confidence and set training up for your dog’s success.
  • About splitting things down to grow correct behaviors without changing criteria.
  • Examples of changing strategy with weaving and targeting in agility and trick training backing up.